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Redi is a small coastal village that belongs to the district of Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. Originally known as Revati or Redipattanam, Redi is located very close to the shores of the majestic Arabian Sea, just across the border of Goa and is dotted with plenty of coconut trees.
The Ganapati temple of Redi is located approximately 30 kms from Vengurla. The town in which this temple is situated contains manganese and iron ore mines. The Ganpati idol was found in one of the mines near Redi port in 1976. The Ganpati idol is in sitting position and approximately 15 feet in height. There is also a small rocky beach behind the temple.
The story of Redi Ganpati is very interesting. On 18th April, 1976, a truck driver by name Sadanand Nagesh Kambli parked his truck at a particular place near the port. This truck used to ply from Redi’s (iron and minerals) mine to harbour. One day, this truck driver slept there and he had a dream. In his dream, Lord Ganesha gave him divine appearance and told him to start digging at the very same place. The driver had great faith in Lord Ganesha. He started digging there, and to the astonishment of all the villagers, there appeared a two-handed idol of Lord Ganesha, carved in solid rock. The date was 1st May 1976.
After seeking omen from the village deity, it was decided to build a temple at the very spot and establish this deity. A few days later, the same area was excavated again and a big sculpture of mouse, considered as traditional mount of Lord Ganesha, was found. The sculpture was very pretty and graceful. Today, one can visit this beautifully built temple and get blessed by taking darshan of this adorable deity.
A significant seaport during the earlier times, Redi has a strategically located fort overlooking the Arabian sea. A small replica of the Ganesh idol is seen on the outer walls of the fort. Redi has now evolved into a tourist hub because of its untouched and less explored beaches as well as historic monuments like the Yashwantgad fort.

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