A Winner Should Never Be a Copy of Someone Else: Pankaj Kharbanda

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As the date to finale of Rubaru Mr India nears, The Neutral View brings to you the views of the Person who matters the most! Like the ‘PK’ of politics, he is The PK of Indian Pageant Industry- One and Only Pankaj Kharbanda- The person who has worked really hard to bring Rubaru Mr India to an International Level. It has given the platform to the persons from the small towns of country who earlier couldn’t think of such a platform.

In a free flowing interview with The Neutral View he opens up his heart.


TNV: First of all, many congratulations to you for the success of Rubaru Mr. India Pageant over the years. How has the journey been so far being the Vice President of the biggest male pageant in India?
PK: Thank you so much for the warm wishes. The journey has been exciting and fruitful. It has been an incredible experience. Seeing the Rubaru Mr India pageant grow with time makes me feel very proud and gives me immense happiness. To our entire team of Rubaru Group and associates, thank you so much. It could not have been possible without your support and contribution.

TNV: The pageant will be celebrating its sixteenth edition this year. So, what are the things that we can look forward to this year’s Rubaru Mr India pageant?
PK: This time it is going to be even bigger and better. We have joined hands with some of the best people from the industry and this year’s pageant is going to be even more extravagant gala than the previous ones. We have 40 of the most handsome and talented men from all across the nation competing this year for the title of Rubaru Mr India. Prior to the finale, these candidates will be groomed by the experts from the industry and it will be made sure that the best and most deserving candidate walks away with the title.

TNV: How were the candidates chosen to be part of the final show to take place in Mumbai?
PK: State level auditions and competitions were held earlier, from there we selected the best performing candidates who would go forward and compete at the national level finale. The selection was based on various parameters like confidence, communication skills, looks, personality, attitude and many more. From these state level audition and pageants, the best performing candidates were shortlisted and they would now come to Mumbai to attend the final event.

TNV: What would be judging criteria for the pageant?
PK:  We are going to follow a very holistic and planned approach while making the final judgement. Every small or minute detail will be taken under consideration while selecting the new winner. The candidates will take part in three main preliminary competitions of the pageant that would include individual interviews, health and fitness round and runway presentation segment. These pre-finale events would help in the selection of the new winner. However these are not just the only parts of the pageant that would decide who should be the one to win. There are going to be other things as well that shall be taken under consideration like parameters like nature of the candidates, personality, confidence, on and off stage presentation, on and off camera presentation, runway skills and communication skills to name a few. There is also going to be an online voting this year so that we can know which candidate is being loved by the people the most. All these pre-finale activities along with the performance of the candidates during the final event would help in the selection of the new winner.

TNV: What are the responsibilities that the winner is required to shoulder after the final event?
PK: Once the new titleholders are elected, they become the face of the pageant. They attend various social and fashion events during their one year tenure with the Rubaru Mr India pageant. They attend grooming sessions by the experts so that they can portray themselves in the best possible way. One of the main responsibilities that Rubaru Mr India titleholders are required to should is of representing India at the international Pageant they get selected for. Once the winners are announced, they then go ahead and represent India at international modelling competitions and male pageant in next few months. So, it is very crucial that the best candidates get selected as in future they are going to be the face of the nation at an international event.

TNV: At last, is there any message to the candidates vying for the title of Rubaru Mr India 2019?
PK: Just be yourself! At times, it happens where the candidates try to clone the previous year’s winners or the person they look up to as a source of inspiration. Please do not do that. As in process of doing that, one loses his or her individuality and becomes a person that might be just a copy of some other person. A winner should never be a copy of someone else. He / she should have his / her own identity. So, guys please embrace your individuality and always give your 100% in whatever you do. I assure you, you will never disappoint yourself by doing so.


The Neutral View(TNV) is official Online Media Partner of Rubaru Mr India.


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