I'm Anjum Varis

Age: 29
City: Delhi
Qualification: MBA
Profession: Corporate Background / Model

When and how did you begin modeling? Were you studying or working before then?

After Completing My MBA I started working for almost 4 years I worked with big M-NC’s from Past 2 years I was working as a banker in Dubai. I started doing modeling in 2017, when I won the title of MR. Delhi 2017. 

Why modeling when you could have settled in for a more stable permanent career?

I’m a 29 year old Lad who just returned from Dubai after almost two years of working as a banker and to turn his passion of modeling and acting into a full time Profession and walk a new journey of exploring oneself and his true potential. I regard myself to be a complete entertainer, stepping into the world of showcasing one’s talent as I enjoy being the center of attraction.  

Tell me about your first assignment. If any how did it happen? What was the experience like (make this answer as personal as possible)

After winning the title of Mr. Delhi 2017, I got an Opportunity to walk on the ramp in Hungry ( Ministry of Tourism  Govt of India ) as a model, After that I did a video song with Gauhar khan And B-Praak. I have been invited by well renowned Colleges as a jury member to Judge their Shows. Throughout the experience was amazing..  

What do you feel makes you a good model? Your face? Your body? Your attitude? As opposed to other s ?

Well I believe for a good model requires confidence and good attitude.

Why Rubaru Mr india when there is so many local pagents happen??

 I was not a model and neither I was an actor, as I won the title of MR Delhi by G-town society only few people know about that company when they can give me a platform, So Rubaru is very well known platform, everybody knows about Rubaru. It’s a bigger platform to perform. And I have seen that Rubaru contestants are doing good And Rubaru gives a chance to represent yourself and your country too on a international platform. 

Did Mr. India just happen to you along the way – or were you preparing to take part in the pageant?

Well it’s a long story it’s been more than a year, I was preparing for Mr. India, and audition was about to happen, but my bad luck I met with an accident and my ribs got fractured so I couldn’t take part in MR. India that was the reason I went for MR Delhi, and now I have chance to be a part of Mr. India. And I’m working hard to get this Opportunity.

Tell us about how you train for it. What is the regimen like? What are the challenges involved?

Winning Mr. India title is not a easy task I’m working Hard to get this title. I’m working on my physic as well as on my knowledge and skills too. In every situation challenges are involved but I believe in hard work. Because this is the only way to get succeed. 

What makes you feel you should be the chosen one? What’s different about you as a contestant?

Mr. India contest is not about being good looking and having a fair skin; though these all I have. It is about having a fit body, about determination, confidence, performance and talent. My dedication, potential, body features, face definitions and more will help me to go long way. I believed in myself and will never fake anything. I’ll give my best. I’ll never judge a person on the basis of their looks and skin color is my message to everyone in this industry. 

How will winning the Mr. India pageant  will going to affect your life?

My expectation would be higher with myself, My Moral will Be boosted, If I win Mr. India 2018,  Although, I have always believed that I’m capable of more than I think I can; My standards for aiming bigger will be increased after that glorious day.

What are your view an thought for cause camping of save girl child how you will educated to stop this in our country?
The‘ Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’ scheme, which seeks to address gender imbalance and discrimination against the girl child, was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Panipat in Haryana on Thursday.

In villeges people  feels that Daughrers are ” Paraya dhan” and that would they go away after marriage andare also not fed up on par with son.

According to Me We can stop this through the Girls education for a better future. Because 

Education matters and education should be right.\

what prevents girls from getting a quality education? 

Educating girls is costly for families 

Girls may face a poor and hostile school environment 

Women have a weak position in society 

Conflict hurts girls most 

Tackling social exclusion

Tackling girls’ education on the ground 

Political leadership and empowerment of women matter 

Making girls’ education affordable 

Making schools work for all girls 

Charities, religious and other voluntary organizations are good for girls 

Supporting policies that work.

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