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I have started my political career being a social worker with the BJP. And I have been very active member of the party because of which I have been elected as an MLA and also been nominated as a Speaker.

How is it going for you as the Speaker? Especially when this is for the first time when you are occupying the chair.

Being a Speaker of the Assembly, even though it was just my second term as an MLA, was a proud moment for me. Also, being the youngest Speaker in the country is another reason for me to be proud of. After taking charge of this post I feel that there is an increase in my responsibilities and also I have to do a lot of homework. But I am happy with the fact that I have been given such an important post even after being young in age and even in experience.

Will you conduct all the future Assembly sessions in Konkani and Marathi or will it be only in English?

No, this trend is already started in Goa. If you notice, Konkani, Marathi and English are all used during Assembly sessions. There is no specific rule that one has to speak only in Konkani or Marathi, there are many who speak in English as well. So I would say that the Assembly sessions will be conducted in all three languages.

During the previous term you were an active member of the Assembly, now being on the position of the Speaker do you feel that you will not be able to highlight the issues of your constituency?

After coming on this position, I do not feel the need of highlighting the issues of my constituency before someone else. I can call anybody in my chamber and I can direct them. Earlier when I was just an MLA I could only request the concerned Minister, but now being a speaker I can direct them. So, this is the difference and also an advantage.

You have been in the BJP camp right from the beginning but the position on which you are demands that you should be impartial. What challenges do you think this post will bring before you?

I have started my political career being a social worker with the BJP. And I have been very active member of the party because of which I have been elected as an MLA and also been nominated as a Speaker. When I sit on this position of the Assembly, being partial or favouring anyone is something that will not happen and I will do my best to give every MLA an equal chance to bring the issues of their constituency before the House and even bring forward their grievances if any, and I will do whatever is permitted within the rulebook to deliver fair justice.

An individual like Manohar Parrikar who has been to Rajya Sabha and the Defence Minister of the country, and is presently the CM of Goa. Are there any awkward moments where you have been corrected by the CM?

So far there has not been any such instance. Also, there are senior politicians like Pratapsingh Rane who have been in the politics even before I was born. But for some reason once you sit on the Speaker’s chair all the fear vanishes. If there is anything which I do not understand then I promptly read and try to understand so that I can give a suitable explanation.

There have been so many Speakers in the past. Is there any Speaker that you consider as your idol and try to follow his style of working?

Unfortunately I was not able to witness the style of working of any earlier Speakers. Before becoming an MLA I never sat in the Assembly. Unlike today there were no TV sets earlier which would telecast Assembly sessions. But if you ask me, I admire Rajendra Arlekar as a speaker, since he was very studious and had a unique style of responding to the queries and conducting Assembly sessions.

Team TNV

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