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Panaji (Goa) The BJP slammed the Congress over its statement that NDA-led government at Centre and BJP-led coalition in Goa were conniving with the British and t had not right to teach the latter about freedom.

“We pity the ignorance of GPCC President Shantaram Naik about the history of India and the independence struggle since he was still a child during the independence movement in India and liberation movement of Goa. In fact the Congress party is responsible for all the ills and problems faced by our country today like Kashmir, disputes with China, rampant poverty in the country and deep-rooted corruption and so on,” BJP North Goa’s general secretary Hemant Golatkar said in a press statement issued today.

He alleged that Congress party leaders in their hunger for global acclaim have been responsible for the large parts of India in Kashmir occupied by Pakistan and China. “The Congress party is responsible for creation f Pakistan which has become a constant irritant to our country,” he added.

“In fact, the Bharatiya Janata Party government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Centre and Manohar Parrikar led government in Goa are trying to solve the problems and clean the mess created by successive Congress governments and to lead India and Goa to a path of progress and prosperity,” he mentioned.

The BJP also stated that Congress exposed its bankruptcy by importing a candidate from Margao to contest in Panaji and therefore they have no right to comment on the status of Parrikar, also a Panaji candidate who has been successively elected by the electorates five times in a row.

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