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Bollywood’s obsession with rains has been from times immemorial. Rains and romance have gone hand in glove and has always been a hit formula no matter what the time period has been. The wet wild looks which have been a sure shot eye-catcher and has been popularised by many songs in the past. The trend continues even today in movies. It makes an emotional, passionate, romantic and sensuous addition to the film.
Bollywood has been synonymous with rains and rain sequences. A rain song in any mainstream Hindi film reveals an array of emotions. It could reveal intense love and passion between the actors, playfulness and some mischief, stage a sequence where the heroine is trying to seduce the hero, or love and longing where the leads are desperate for one another or a beautiful dance sequence. Rain songs are a delight.
Bollywood movies have successfully created the space for rains, be at any emotion from love, intimacy, to heart break rains seem to compliment all the emotions of the scene. Rains are also iconic in films be it the entry of the hero, the heroine as well as the villain. Fight sequences also seem to get more intense when the same happens in a heavy downpour.
Rains have been used to increase the beauty quotient of the heroines. Water droplets pouring from the face make for a perfect close-up shot. The looks of a wet saree draped on a heroine surely makes one miss a heartbeat. From yester year songs of black and white movies this song is the first which pops into our minds when we hear the word rain love-song. Pyaar hua ikarar hua hai is an iconic rain-song that features an iconic screen pair in the form of ‘the showman’, Raj Kapoor and the resplendent Nargis from Shree 420. Their polka dot, vintage Charlie Chaplin outfits and them sharing an umbrella, singing to each other is a sight we just love to watch.
There couldn’t be a more defining moment in Hindi film romance in recent times than the one in Aashiqui 2. Who can forget the soothing Kyun ki tum hi ho song in this film. The melodious music, the sequence and the actors everything contributed to the magic.
We have all grown up watching these rain songs and no matter how often it gets repeated we surely love to watch them.

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