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Panaji (Goa): BJP leader Francis D’Souza who is representing the party in Cabinet Advisory Committee refused to admit that there is collapse of the administration. He said that the systems are in place. In the same breathe, he kept suspicion continuing on what would happen after March 31 when the life of CAC will end. The Neutral View spoke to him on few issues:


What are these talks about change in leadership in BJP?

At the moment here is no question of leadership change as he (chief minister) has gone only for six weeks, and at the most it can become eight weeks. When he left I met him he was very confident of coming back in six weeks, so where’s the question of change in leadership? 


Don’t you think that he should have given the charge to someone else before leaving to the USA?

Usually chief minister when leaves the State there is a tradition of giving charge to someone else but that was done when communications were very weak between countries. But now communication is a not a problem. Every day he communicates between chief secretary, principal secretary or whoever wants to talk to him so where is the issue. As far as administration  is concerned there are no issues.


There are issues like mining which needs resolution.


The issues like mining will keep on happening but resolution of issues is important. Parrikar is contributingIfor solution along with us. it is a collective leadership representative all the party and stakeholders. Sudin represents MGP, Vijai Goa Forward and I represent BJP. Till today he has not over ruled us, it is only the question of consulting him. 


Don’t you think that Parrikar should have taken complete rest to recover his health rather than taking this stress?

It is a decision of chief minister. He should decide. How can I decide for him? He knows better what is his health condition. I have met the doctors also.


Are you happy with the formation of Cabinet Advisory Committee?

It is a stop gap arrangement till march 31. After that we will come to know what is the situation. 


Do you favour continuing this committee?

It’s not a question of me favouring. It is his decision. My opinion does not matter.


What is your opinion?

It is allowed to be done this way. Everybody is happy with his decision. So all parties are represented. There is no scope for criticism even within the coalition.


Is there an administration collapse right now? You used to say administration has collapsed. 


I was saying that because lot many decisions were not taken. Now whatever decisions had to be taken are taken. Eight cabinet notes are cleared by him. There is no collapse at least at chief minister’s level. Other ministers are working with their departments. They are capable of working. They have been given financial powers up to Rs one crore. CAC has powers up to Rs five crore. As far as financial administration there is no collapse.


So where’s the collapse?

For example there was mining agitation and there was a chaos. That you can say it was a collapse of administration. There are people who are blaming the administration. These issues keep on happening.


Shall we say there is collapse or no collapse of administration?

At certain level, which needs to be decided by the chief minister, there it is no collapse. There is a time gap for communication which takes place because of the time difference. There is ten and a half hours time gap between India and the USA.

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