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Team TNV

Team TNV

The success story professional Konkani theatre cannot be completed without narrating anecdotes about Rajdeep Naik and his team. This lad from Savoiverem has created a niche for himself on the stage, which was earlier curtailed to a big, extends and lost to the competition from Marathi dramas that travelled here from Mumbai.

But for a change, when we met Rajdeep for an interview, his tone was different. He spoke about camera, shooting, lights, sounds and a lot of action. The artist is fully inundated in giving final touches for his project ‘Questao de Confusao’ which will hit the screens in July-August this year.

“This is not my first film. I have done the films in the past too. But certainly, this movie can be tagged as real Goan film considering its mood, plot, emotions and all the elements,” says Rajdeep.

The mentor of Kala Chetana Volvoi, Rajdeep has given his best performance in the films like ‘Home Sweet Home” and its sequel to name. He had teamed up with the actors like John D’Silva and Director Swapnil Shetkar in the Home Sweet Home.

In “Questao de Confusao”, he missed John but continues his relationship with Swapnil. The new team beaming with confidence can be seen in this movie, a promo of which is already on the internet and making waves.

The film was shot in the places like Kalvi, Mayem, Adwalpal and Aldona for over a month. ‘Our initial schedule was for 22 days but it exceeded due to two accidents on the set and also as it rained,” says Rajdeep.

The movies usually don’t happen overnight. But they do happen accidently sometimes when like-minded people meet. Rajdeep recalls how he always nurtured a dream of working on this particular story when he met Director of The Neutral View Private Limited, Uttam Kumar. Rajdeep accompanied by his friend Rupesh Samant held the first meeting to produce the movie. A couple of meetings later, the team was ready and shooting began.

The film is produced by Chetana Productions in association with The Neutral View, a budding media house which has a website, fortnightly magazine in English and another in Konkani under its belt.

While for obvious reasons, the story of the movie is kept under wraps, Rajdeep calls this as a movie that would appeal three generations. “Grandfather, Father and son can watch this movie together. Or Grandmother, mother and daughter can do it too. I mean three generations can just sit and enjoy this movie in a theatre,” he said.

The actor who has two or more decades long experience of theatre said that the movie speaks about two families, two religions, two parents and the emotions surrounding it. “You have to watch it. The story and work by artists will surely, more than justify your ticket price,” he said.

The movie is getting its final touches while Z Square has already partnered with the makers to showcase it in their theatres. But Rajdeep is not satisfied. He plans to take this movie across the State and showcase it to the people.

“If people can’t reach theatre, then we will have to reach up to them,” he said.

Talking about the technicalities of the movie, Rajdeep said that the film is shot on Red Epic (5K) camera with 5.1 surround sound. The film final is mastering on 2K. This is a proper full length feature film shot and processed with technical equipments at par with the main stream cinema.

He said that the film will be mastered to DCP for theatrical screenings on scrable and UFO blue ray for other such auditorium screenings.



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