I'm Dalton Dsouza

Age: 28
City: Anjuna-Goa
Qualification: MBA-Marketing and Finance
Profession: Business man (Hospitality)

  • When and how did you begin modelling? Were you studying or working before then?
  • I began modelling in my TY(BCA).I met renowned fashion designer Wendell Rodricks through some friends and that where my modelling career kicked off from.


  • Why modelling when you could have settled in for a more stable permanent career?
  • I have always been a multi tasker.I own/run a few hotels in Goa and I also dabble with modelling assignments.
    Modelling has the perks of making you street smart,business savy and marketing tips.


  • Tell me about your first assignment. if any How did it happen? What was the experience like (make this answer as personal as possible)
  • My first assignment was walking the ramp for Wendell Rodricks at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour.I was a bit jittery as the only experience I had prior to that was college fashion shows.A few senior models gave me a few tips for the ramp and it was all smooth sailing from there.


  • What do you feel makes you a good model? Your face? Your body? Your attitude? As opposed to other​s​​​​​?
  • Along with a good body and photogenic face,you need to showcase the product your modelling for
    .I make sure the product/design garners maximum attention and is marketed to its full potential.


  • Why Rubaru Mr india when there is so many local pagents happen ??
  • Rubaru Mr India is one of the top male pageants in India assosciated with a wide range of international tiles.It would be a great experience to represent India on the international stage.


  • Did Mr. India just happen to you along the way – or were you preparing to take part in the pageant?
  • A few years after i began modelling ,a number of friends told me that I should give a shot at the Mr India title.
    I felt that you will never realize your true potential without trying and decided to give it a shot.


  • Tell us about how you train for it. What is the regimen like? What are the challenges involved?
  • No matter how busy your work schedule is I have make time for d gym to maintain decent fitness levels.
    Apart from looking good I am also preparing for the Qand A and other rounds.


  • What makes you feel you should be the chosen one? What’s different about you as a contestant?
  • Apart from the lean body and chiseled face I completed my MBA from Goa Institute of Management and
     a successful entrepreneur.I have a strong edge over the other contestants in all the different challenge rounds.


  • How will winning the Mr. India pageant  will going to affect your life?
  • I will get to represent my country and thats one of the proudest feelings.I also would like to use the fame in 
    spreading awareness about a cleaner India and women empowerment.


  • what are your view an thought for cause camping of save girl child how you will educated to stop this in our country ?
  • Peoples orthodox and regressive behavior can only be changed through a good education system.I would request the government not only  to focus on the next generations education but also imparting knowledge to their parents through night schools,marketing campaigns etc. Over a period of time the gender bias will definitely fade away.

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