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Balaji Murugadoss from Tamil Nadu who won the  Audi Goa Rubaru Mr India International 2018 title is already a star in the making.  Tall, handsome and perfectly well-toned Greek God like physique and extremely magnificent and charming face he was one the the crowds favourite to win the title. Team TNV caught up with Balaji to know about his journey and his future plans.

Q1. First of all many congratulations to you for winning the Audi Goa Rubaru Mister India 2018 title. How does it feel?

First of all It feels really great that I got the opportunity to compete with 26 handsome men from every part of the our country in India’s biggest male pageant contest, and winning mister international India 2018 has given me immense pleasure and joy . More over representing my country in worlds biggest pageant is like a dream come true moment for me, yes I feel like living my dream.

Q2. What was your reaction when the announced your name at the grand finale of the Audi Goa Rubaru Mister India 2018 pageant in Goa?

That moment was something which I can’t express in words, something which I never experienced in my life. Happiest moment in my life so far.

Q3. How does it feel to get associated and also becoming the face of India’s biggest and oldest surviving annual male pageant?

I really want to thank Rubaru group from the deep of my heart for finding the talents and giving them the good platform to shine brighter than stars. I owe them the Mr. international title that’s how I can repay them, I’m working hard for it !

Q4. How has your journey been so far with the Rubaru Mister India Organization?

Fruitful, it’s more like a family! I’m really happy because they guide us in each and every step like mentors. I would love to call them as my back bone

Q5. What are the responsibilities that come with this prestigious title and how hard it is to fulfil those responsibilities and also to live up to the expectations that have been set on you?

The great responsibility is to guide the youngsters across the country who follow me on social media and in personal life with right attitude. By the right attitude I mean being a good human and good citizen of my motherland. Hardest part is staying away from negative people in the industry, the title puts you on the limelight it’s something which attracts both good and negative people.

Q6. This year the Rubaru Mister India pageant celebrated their fifteenth anniversary and you are the fifteenth Rubaru Mister India titleholder. How do you feel about that?

It feels great; I would try to stay in the history book as Rubaru Mr. India forever. India had never won mister international title so far. I’m looking forward to rewrite the history. People might think “oh boy he is being very over confident” but if you don’t believe in yourself why should others do?

Q7. What do you think are the qualities that are required to be a Mr India?

Confidence, responsibility and humbleness that i think are the core qualities to win the pageant.

Q8. Your biggest support in life.
People who believed in me and continue believing in me.

Q9. Any quote of saying that has profound impact on you.

Days that break you are the days that make you

Q10. Any message for your well-wishers and supporters who are reading this interview.

Words would fall short to describe all your importance in my life, thanks for always believing in me. Love you all


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