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Sadiq Attar and Siya Dhavaskar won triple crowns each while Aryaman Saraf, Aryan Phatarpekar, and Samarth Kamat won Double crowns at the North and South Goa District Badminton Tournaments organised by Goa Badminton Association, at Peddem and Quepem multipurpose Sports stadiums respectively.

Shivam Saini, Avaneesh Shetye, Andrea Kalavampara, Salauni Naik, Tejas Suthar, Abhishek Swamy, Kushang Gaonkar, Arya Naik, Alphonsa Pereira and Chetan Magdum were the other winners in the championship. Promising Player prizes were won by Hariesh Rajput, Pratistha Shenoy, Atharv Bakhale, Karan Naik and Ashish Shirodkar.

North District

Under 13 Girls Singles

Winner – Siya Dhavaskar; Runner up – Disha Dutta; 3rd Place – Sriya Saraf & Soumya Deshpande

Under 13 Boys Singles

Winner – Aryan Phatarpekar; Runner up – Pranav Naik; 3rd Place – Atharv Pednekar & Soham Naik

Under 13 Boys Doubles

Winners – Aryan Fatarpekar / Avaneesh Shetye; Runners up – Atharv Pednekar / Soham Naik; 3rd Place – Parasmay Shenoy / Shubham Swamy

Under 15 Boys Singles

Winner – Shivam Saini ; Runner up – Chiraag Mahale ; 3rd Place – Soham Kelkar & Pranav Naik

Under 17 Girls Singles

Winner – Andrea Kalavampara; Runner up – Malaika Lobo; 3rd Place – Synnovia Dsouza & Salauni Naik

Under 17 Boys Singles

Winner – Samarth Kamat; Runner up – Soham Mandrekar; 3rd Place – Tejas Suthar & Chiraag Mahale

Under 17 Girls Doubles

Winners – Siya Dhavaskar / Salauni Naik; Runners up – Malaika Lobo / Soumya Deshpande; 3rd Place – Sampurna Patra / Disha Narvekar & Synno0via Dsouza / Nyssa Dhupdale

Under 17 Boys Doubles

Winners – Samarth Kamat / Tejas Suthar; Runners up – Soham Mandrekar / Chiraag Mahale; 3rd Place – Adrian D Souza /Elias Fernandes & Pranav Naik / Shivam Swamy

Under 19 Boys Singles

Winner – Sadiq Attar; Runner up – Samarth Kamat; 3rd Place – Abhishek Swamy & Soham Mandrekar

Under 19 Boys Doubles

Winners – Sadiq Attar / Abhishek Swamy; Runners up – Tejas Suthar / Shivam Saini; 3rd Place – Kartik Swamy / Suraj Naik & Soham Mandrekar / Samarth Kamat

Under 19 Mixed Doubles

Winners – Sadiq Attar / Siya Dhavaskar; Runners up – Chiraag Mahale / Andrea Kalavampara; 3rd Place – Tejas Suthar / Salauni Naik & Soham Mandrekar / Malaika Lobo


South District

Under 13 Boys Singles

Winner – Kushang Gaonkar; Runner up – Suhit Mahambre; 3rd Place – Shrijay Naik & Arnav Desai

Under 13 Girls Singles

Winner – Arya Naik; Runner up – Anya Caeiro Roberts; 3rd Place – Arya Metri

Under 15 Girls Singles

Winner – Alphonsa Pereira; Runner up – Anjali Das

Under 19 Boys Singles

Winner – Aryaman Saraf; Runner up – Chetan Magdum; 3rd Place – Suresh Pujari & Om Parodkar

Under 19 Boys Doubles

Winners – Aryaman Saraf / Chetan Magdum; Runners up – Om Parodkar / Harsh Mane


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