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With the countdown for Rubaru Presents Audi Goa Mr India 2018 has begun, we met Akash Chaudhary winner of Mr Eco-International India 2017 as he would be judging the event. Here is what he told us.


1.As far as you are concerned what does “Rubaru Mr India” signify to you as it is not just a search for India’s most desirable man?

It’s  just not about searching India’s most desirable man, in fact it’s a search for a man who can portray actual India, Indian values, Indian genes, everything about India in the world coz the winner Offcourse represents India at international platform and we can just send any one with a tag “india”  so for me it’s everything. Rubaru Mr India is a significance of grace, masculinity, values and talent.

2.What role and responsibilities are you playing in “Rubaru presents Audi Goa Mr India”?

Since I come from the other side of the table, I know how it feels and what goes inside when you are there as a participant, so basically I have filled the bridge between both side so my role in particular would be to make all boys understand what are expectations of judges and at same time how can they conduct throughout the pageant. Coz I feel experience gets you wisdom and I will make sure I use all my experience of these years to groom the boys and as well pass on a holistic judgment.

3.What would you advise contestants to gear up for the pageant keeping in mind most of them hail from villages and small towns?

– I am glad they come from small towns coz you can one will a empty glass with water, you can’t pour water to a glass already filled. Having said that these boys are raw, not groomed but we are here to find perfection in imperfection. So my only advice to these boys will be that listen to all your mentor, keep everyone close but don’t forget that ultimately it’s a competition. Be humble and try to learn as much as you can as industry experts will be training them which they won’t get in their day to day life.

3.What should they focus on?What are the qualities you are looking for in the contestants to shortlist them as finalists?

-See some of them are already working and are great models but pageantry is totally different from modeling. You need much more than just good looks. Offcourse good looks and hotness quiet is one parameter but apart from it I look for great personality. It’s always a dynamic personality which will win the hearts means contestants should work on their styling, their humor, their walk majorly and their stance. Most important they should know how to talk and tackle difficulties. As for me, it’s looks with brains and Offcourse some charm.

4.one  of the big fears during a pageant interview is what if the judges ask something that the contestant just doesn’t know. In such a situation, how would you, as juror, want him to respond?

Offcourse as humans they are ought to fumble and we don’t expect them to know all the things about world but what we see is how gracefully can they escape from the trap. Question ans round is just to test their confidence and a bit knowledge. All I would expect is an honest ans with a smile. That’s it

  1. Are there any tips you would like to share with them to calm last minute nerves?Based on your experience being rubaru mr india winner …

– they will be nervous no matter how much calm we keep them, it’s human nature.  When I was a participant I was shivering on the stage. The only thing which can help them to calm is confidence and a positive approach that even if I don’t win I learned a lot and I will make it surely. But yes being nervous a bit always works haha

6.how would you be grooming the shortlisted boys for the finale?

Grooming is the most important part as I said earlier coz these boys are raw eight now. For me it would be a task coz I want to break the bridge between me and them as they can grasp knowledge. My focused would be to train them not just for the pageant but with an idea of long term success. My major focus would be on their walk.,their behavior, and styling. As looks are good given, but personality is human driven. Also I will be have Lil exercises to break their shyness and to have healthy competition coz one amongst them will be the winner and it’s important for our winner to be bold, confident and down to earth.

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