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Once the final semester is over for engineering and non-engineering students, a nightmare of job-hunting haunts their peaceful nights!! One starts taking pressure & tension about job offers especially if one is a Computer engineer or IT engineer or even B.Sc. IT, CS or BCA graduate. The only dream that one gets is of the dream job that is in development or programmer!! My dear aspiring graduates hold on, there is lot more roles than just a developer!!
When we talk about Information technology; it is a vast field and we need to know the industry and whereabouts. It is the virtual world that a candidate has in the mind vs. the reality of IT world. The functioning is different than what they have been presuming during college days. A lot of questions haunt them like as what role to apply, which sector to select, which technology to use, which certification to do before applying etc. However, Guys just relax!! This article will guide you with an easy path for climbing the ladder of success in the world of computers & IT.
First step is to find out what roles IT have for you. Basically, when there are campus interviews, companies look for candidates whose base/core is strong. They check on academic records, aptitude tests, candidate’s confidence & behaviour. Then they are called for training, groomed and given roles based on company’s projects and requirements (not necessary the job offered is of development and the technology used is of one’s choice, * it varies based on different MNC rules & regulations).
Q. So that means everyone gets selected?? If No, then what should the others do??
A. Look up for opportunities and apply for jobs on different online portals.
Q. Then what am I suppose to do? Which field should I apply for?? What technology should I select?? What role should I apply to?
A. So here are few roles that one can opt for. Computer Programmer, Developer, Computer Animator, Computer Scientist, Computer System Analyst, Database Administrator, Data Scientist, Graphic Designer, Help Desk Technician, IT Manager, IT Project Coordinator, Health Information Technician, Hardware Engineer, IT Security Specialist, Mobile App Developer, Network Administrator, Network Architect, Software Engineer, UI & UX Designer, Web Developer, SQL Developer, Business Analyst, Testers Or QA (Quality Analysis) and many more.
Q. Does it sound too exciting? Hold on, now lets talk about technologies and sectors where one can focus on.
A. Normally, in colleges the technologies taught are basic and for candidates to just pass their semesters which mainly includes C, C++, Java, C#, Html, Javascript, Sql Server, Android etc., but apart from these, there is a lot more that is used in industries which makes a vast difference between knowledge taught in the college & actual industry. Apart from the above used technologies, we make use of Asp.Net, Mvc, Python, Php, Jhumla, Xml, Webservices, Wcf, Oracle, Jquery, Linq, Entity Frame Work, Advance C, Spring, Hibernate, Json, Ajax, and Hadoop etc.
Q. So now question is, how should one prepare for it?
A. Enroll for an online course, enroll for classes or watch videos on YouTube and self-learn it. And once it is done then start preparing for interviews, concentrate on base preparation and well on the concepts, your project, and Sql developer. Prepare for an aptitude and machine test. Now you are job ready!! After getting a job as a fresher & achieving or climbing one step of the ladder we start thinking about growth and new roles and promotions. So basically the ladder goes as below for different roles.

Development Ladder
 Jr. Associate /Jr. Software Engineer /Programmer
 Sr. Associate /Sr. Software Engineer /Programmer
 Team Lead
 Technical Architect
 Technical Manager

Consultation Ladder
 Senior Programmer
 Programming Consultant
 Senior Programming Consultant

Quality Analysis
 Test Executor
 Test Designer
 Senior Tester
 Technical Tester
 Test Manager

Requirement & Design Ladder
 Business Analyst
 IT Support Manager
 Director Support
 VP Support
Now comes the step wherein you want to flourish. The various sectors to work with and grow gradually climbing the ladder. Banking Domain, Stock Market, Telecommunication, Finance, Aviation Industry, Education System, Biotechnology, Electronic System, Automobile Industry, Media And Entertainment Sector, Travel & Tourism, Construction & Architecture. Everywhere IT is used in various forms. It plays a vital role in digitalization in every sector, so aspiring candidates relax & see how you want to climb the ladder and do it mindfully.


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