Don’t have time to run through a 4-week diet to cut off some carbs? Looking slim can be easily achieved with fashion. The constant lament of the vast majority of women is: “If I could only lose a few more kgs!” It doesn’t have to be logical or something anyone else sees, but we all seem to feel a more ideal version of ourselves would be a few kgs less. Since there’s no diet that makes us thinner by the time we wake up tomorrow, luckily, we can fake it. The great thing about fashion is that it can do wonders for your body shape – may it be with a certain cut or pattern – a piece of garment can truly change the way you look. Having a slim physique has always been considered an asset. In this article, we are going to help you out with your next wardrobe shopping choices to make you look slimmer.
There are tried and true rules for dressing in a way that makes you look slimmer. You may be sabotaging your shape-up efforts by wearing clothes that visually add weight to your frame. Here is a lesson on how to use colour, proportion, and a few styling tricks to look thinner. They’re not complicated and they are helpful.

 Vertical lines, floral prints, abstract and geometric prints are some of the best prints to go for if you want to dress your way to a slimmer body. These patterns create an optical illusion that shaves off some of your weight. Although patterns can be your friend, try not to pick up patterns that are too big. Smaller, detailed patterns reduce the 3D effect of shadows, resulting to a much slimmer body.

 Belts are used to give your waist a better definition. If you have a bigger body, huge and bulky belts will only make you look bigger. This is why skinny belts are much better because they are more flattering for your waist – making it look slimmer. You can wear a skinny belt in any color of your choice as long as it perfectly complements the colour of your outfit.

 High-waist or high-rise bottoms effectively elongate your body by giving the illusion of having extended leg length. A pair of high-waist trousers is a very flattering fashion piece which complements many kinds of tops – cropped tops, knits, T-shirts and tailored blouses.

 High heels have never failed us when it comes to tricking everybody with a taller figure. Shoes with skinny heels give the illusion of having longer legs; making the body’s silhouette slimmer and a lot vertical. In addition, choosing pointed shoe designs balances out the height you are sporting, without being out of style.

 Wearing the same colour, head to toe, creates a longer vertical line that can be very slimming. Contrast draws your eye. With one colour, there is no contrast, so your eye keeps moving and settles on your face, not the other things you’re self-conscious about.

 Whenever you emphasise your shoulders, you automatically make your waist look slimmer. (It’s all about these optical illusions!) Broader shoulders make the contrast between the shoulders and the waist more noticeable, so the waist seems smaller.

 Anything light, bright, or shiny makes things look bigger. Anything dark or matte can make things look smaller. Therefore, wearing light, shiny, or bright on top, draws attention up to your face. Wearing dark and matte on the bottom minimizes that area and keeps your eye from resting there.

It’s amazing what a difference we can make in our appearance with our clothes. We know this instinctively, which is one of the reasons we love clothes so much. But focusing and harnessing this can give us the ability to “cheat” on days we feel like we need a little help.

August 14th, 2017

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