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Team TNV

Team TNV


Tell us something about yourself

 I am an architect by profession and I am dedicated to discover my strengths and perfect them while realising my weaknesses to transform them into my strengths.


What inclined you towards modeling ? and are you looking forward to it as a full-time profession?

I have always been inclined towards all creative fields and modeling is my calling. Gotten the right opportunities, I would like to continue with this profession.


What was your reaction when you came to know that you were selected for Neutral View Mr & Ms Goa 2018?

I was overwhelmed to get such a good platform to showcase my talent.


Have you participated in pageants before this?

Yes, and it has always been a learning experience that has shaped me into what I am today.


How important winning this pageant is for you?

Winning this pageant will take me one step forward in fulfilling my responsibility to perfection and be a mirror to all aspirants and those around me.


If you win Neutral View Miss Goa you will get a direct entry to Rubaru Miss India Elite, how are you preparing yourself?

Apart from physical preparations I have also been watching interviews from past pageants, updating myself with current events and most of all practising my posture and gestures.


Are you feeling any pressure?

Yes, I do feel the pressure, but this little pressure keeps me going in developing myself in all aspects.


Your biggest support in life

Like many, my parents have always been my lifeline and biggest support system in all my decisions.


Any quote or saying that has a profound impact on you?

“Follow your passion and success follows you”


Any message for your friends and well-wishers

Sincere gratitude for all the love and wishes I have been receiving from friends, family and all the well-wishers.



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