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PEACE OF MIND. Do you have it? All the time? If yes, then do you feel alive? Are you more productive and prosperous? And do you always find what is important to you?
If the answer is YES to all of the above questions then really hats off to you. But what if the answer is NO to even one of them? THINK.
Do you want to be happy again?
Again? Why did I say again, you might ask? Because I know you were happy once. Everyone was.
How many of us remember our childhood and say those were the happiest times? All of us. Each and every one of us. Why? I mean, why was our childhood was so happy? Even some of you’ll didn’t have much to show, but still it was the happiest of your time. Now THINK again.
Was it because you knew how to be happy? Perhaps. Was it because you didn’t have a care in the world? May be. Or was it because you were doing something that made you happy? Most probably.
If yes, then what happened while you were growing up? Those happy days just disappeared, only to be replaced by the challenges of earning a living and a rat race of which you are probably a part of.
May be you don’t enjoy your work as much as you used to, even though you love your work. That’s quite possible. You’re not happy as much as you would love to. Why? Because you have forgotten something you had in your childhood. A most precious gift. A most precious present. You have lost it as you grew up. You lost it in the race to make a living.
What is that present?
It’s something if you get it back you’ll be able to concentrate on the work at hand, you’ll be able to learn more, plan better, be able to focus on getting the more important things, declutter your mind, and most important, you’ll be able to enjoy things more and be able to do whatever you do BETTER each day.
So what is that GIFT? What is that PRESENT? I love your curiosity.
Aha, you already know what the present is or where to find it. You know how it can make you happier and more successful, because you already have experienced it, since you knew it best when you were younger. But you have simply forgotten it.
Now let’s remind you of your happier times. Think of the moment when your mom gave you some work to do or the time when you were with your friends or the time you played cricket. In every instance YOU WERE COMPLETELY ‘FOCUSSED’ ON THE JOB AT HAND. Even when you were doing the house work, you did NOT think of anything else. You were in the PRESENT. You were in the PRESENT MOMENT, completely immersed in what you were doing at that particular time.
Now my friend, that is the PRESENT you have to gift to yourself. You have to be in the PRESENT MOMENT again, as much of the time as possible.
How you may ask, but before I answer that, it’s important to make you realise that you really have forgotten to be in the present moment. Let’s start. You drive your car and don’t feel the steering wheel in your hands. You are seated in a chair or a sofa and you don’t feel it under you. Your friend tells you something important and your mind is on the cricket match you’re missing. The most common one is, you’re in the class and you’re thinking about the snacks in your tiffin. And the worst: you’re in your office, working, and your mind is everywhere but on the work you’re doing. These are nothing but signs that tell you that you have lost the PRESENT.
Now you ask me whether you will be happy and achieve all the things promised, if you live in the present, I say YES, and I know what’s coming. Next you will ask me even though the PRESENT moment is not a happy one? My answer is still YES.
How? Focus on what is RIGHT about that situation. Even in the most difficult situation when you focus on what is RIGHT in that moment, it makes you happier and gives you an insight, gives you energy and confidence needed to deal with what is wrong.
Think again. What happens to you when you’re faced with crisis? You only think of how your entire world is going to collapse. That’s being in the future and especially when it might not even happen that way. Now let’s take a moment and see how we can help see the right thing by being in the present moment.
Positive thing is that you’re still alive. You can move about and think of a plan, make decisions and save the situation.
Then do it. Focus on the solution. You will soon find yourself making a progress.
I already see you smiling. But there is still a doubt lurking at the back of your mind. Now you want to know if it’s possible to be in the present moment all the time? It IS possible, but difficult in the beginning. But frankly, if you are able to be in the present moment most of the time, trust me, you will see some amazing changes in your life.
Now let’s see how to do just that.
1. Meditate. Learn to meditate, be silent and observe your breaths. Start with five minutes a day and gradually increase your sessions.
2. Laugh a lot. It is impossible to think of anything else when you laugh your heart out. LAUGHTER is still the best medicine.
3. Focus COMPLETELY on the task at hand.
4. Do one thing at a time. This will help you in not thinking about your next task.
5. Love your labor. Fall in love with your work, this is one thing that will guarantee you to be more alive and in the present moment.
Now I see a light in your eyes and a glint of hope too, and I am loving it.
Rock your life till we meet again…!!!

(Writer is a fashion photographer and director of CMYK ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY)

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