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Twenty seven year old model and training manager, Srikant Dwivedi,  hailing from the city of Sonebhadra was declared the winner of Rubaru Mister India 2017 contest. The life has changed for this handsome hunk after winning the contest. He is tallest Mr India ever in the history with the height of 6.4 height. The Neutral View spoke to him.


  1. What are the projects that are you are currently doing? What are your future projects?

Ans. I am currently doing theatres and also learning acting from an acting Institute in Mumbai. Acting has been my passion since my college days.


  1. What difference do you find in the life before and after Rubaru Mr India contest and your success in it? 

Ans. Becoming Rubaru Mr. India and then representing country at a Global level is one of biggest achievement in my life so far. I always had a dream of representing my country and Rubaru made it possible. It has brought me name and fame which helped me in a great way to establish some good contacts in the industry. 


  1. How much has Mr India fame helped you to emerge as a front runner in your career?

Ans. After winning this pageant and getting recognized at an international level, I gathered that confidence to quit my well settled job and follow my passion. It has given me that spark to do what my heart says. Afterall, we all get only one life and we shouldn’t have any regret at the end. Not a Front runner yet but one day for sure. 


  1. What would be your advice for those who cannot make to the important event like Mr India, which can give the much needed push in career?

Ans. It’s completely ok for those Gentlemen who cannot make it to Mr. India. May be god has planned something better for them. For instance, I was very much inclined  towards joining  Indian Air Force. I have given 4 attempts but everytime I failed in the last round. If I had become an armed force person I wouldn’t have got this opportunity to become Mister India. So my advice to them would be, to have a high self motivation. Failure is always a Learning, you never lose, either you win or you learn. 


  1. What are the elements that one require to be Mr India?

Ans. The essential elements required to be Mr. India are humility, humbleness and smartness (sharp and logical mind). You will become a face of the country with huge responsibility on your shoulders so you should have those qualities to be Mr. India.


  1. What are the things that you have learnt from Mr India contest?

Ans. Learnt about different cultures from the contestants coming from different parts of the country, learnt how to be more focused and dedicated towards our goals. Learnt how to groom yourself externally and internally to be a Gentleman who can represent the country. 


  1. How do you balance between a personal and professional life as you have suddenly turned into a busy person?

Ans. I prioritise my work. Life is all about balancing your personal and professional life. So it’s very important to prioritise your work. I give sufficient time to my profession and also ensure that I have some ME time where I can do what I like.


  1. How do you rate Indian models compared to the international? Do you think we have inherent positive/negative in us?

Ans. All the contestants who come from different countries are their best contenders. They generally have all those qualities that a pageant winner should have. What I believe, where Indian contestants  take an edge towards others are their respectful, humble and friendly nature. These are some inherent qualities which makes Indian contestants favorite among all. 


  1. What would be the advice for the young generation to want to make modeling or acting as their career?

Ans. Don’t do it half hearted. If you really want to become a successful model or an actor you have to keep your self motivation high, have patience, follow successful actors/models, get to know their success stories and most importantly don’t give up.



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