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The winner of  India’s Next Top Model season 3 Riya Subodh has been a modelling sensation. Utterly down to earth, the girl from Ahmabad has been setting up milestones. The Neutral View met this promising girl at the sidelines of Rubaru presents Audi Goa Mr India 2018.

Q.Tell us something about your journey from a small town girl to a news channel where a reality show is happening, what was the first feeling when you entered that set?

A. Ahmedabad is not a really small town, but yes, it is small as far as fashion industry is concerned. When I went to the India’s Next Top Model, which I used to watch on TV and knew that this could make my life, the moment I stepped in front of the judges I was very scared. All the lights and cameras on the set made me nervous but by god’s grace everything went well.


Q. So, when you decided to enter the modelling world?

A. From the beginning, the moment I passed out from school I wanted to be an air hostess, but because of financial issues I had to change the plans and then begin completing my graduation. I got opportunity to walk on the ramp for my college’s annual function and from that moment I realised that I should make my career in modelling.


Q. Since your father is a tailor and he does not belong to the fashion industry as such, what was his reaction when you told him that you want to make a career in modelling?

A. My father never had any objection, he had complete trust in me so he never questioned my decision till date.


Q. When you started modelling, did you receive any guidance from your father?

A. My dad always advised me to be disciplined. He never demotivated me but he always hinted that I should not misuse the freedom that I have always got, and that I should always be careful.


Q. Right now which are the assignments that you are doing?

A. At present I will be going to Pune for a few assignments. After winning India’s Next Top Model I have done lots of campaigns in my city and I also have many opportunities coming my way. I have many brand endorsements and I will also be travelling to Jaipur shortly for a few inaugurations. So, my modelling career has made my dream come true of travelling different states and now I will be travelling different countries.


Q. How do you look at the future because there is a certain age for a career as a model, people from modelling world then continue in film and TV industry, so what do you think about your future in this field?

A. Of course, every model has to turn into an actor if they want to continue their work. But, since I am crazy about fashion and modelling I would continue as a fashion model and one day become a super model. I will try to maintain myself in such a way that even when I am 40 years of age people would still want Riya as a model for their brand.


Q. Now you are an icon amongst youth, are you under pressure that you have to maintain that image?

A. Yes of course, when people look up to you as an icon or as an inspiration you have to be careful of giving statements or uploading something on social media so that it does not have any negative impact.


Q. There are many girls who want to have a career as a model, what qualities do you think a girl should have to be a good model?

A. To be a model, you need to have a good height and physique. If you want to be a model, even if you are fat it doesn’t matter, you need to be focused, and you should never lose your focus if you want to make a career in modelling. Focus, determination and hard work is the key to success in this field. Even if you are rejected once, you should never stop trying. Never give up and you will succeed.  



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