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The comment of the TCP minister Vijai Sardesai, calling the anti-PDA people’s movement as a “mobocracy” is a direct attack on the democratic right of people to protest. What is even more shocking is that  Sardesai is himself on record accusing the previous BJP Govt of “fast-track sale of Goa through PDA, RP and IPB”. Can Sardesai explain why, now that he is in power, the same PDA and the same RP2021 are not only suddenly sacrosanct to him, but he is attempting to create more and bigger PDAs, said AAP Goa leader Valmiki Naik in a press release.
“The AAP echoes the people’s demand for “One Goa, One Plan”, and reiterates its demand to scrap the GPPDA and all ODPs/PDAs, and prepare a 20-year Regional Plan through a time-bound consultative process using the Draft Regional Plan as a base,” said Valimiki.
The press note further reads:- The anti-PDA meeting was reminiscent of the GBA agitation in 2006 against the erstwhile Congress Govt. The only difference is, today the movement is against the BJP. This means nothing has changed on the ground for the people of Goa for more than a decade, whether it is a Congress Govt, or BJP Govt.  It is a critical time for the people of Goa to make the necessary political changes, before the smallest state in the country becomes the largest city in the country.

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