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Panaji (Goa): Caught over speeding or driving in inebriated condition will result in temporary suspension of driving license as the Goa Police has decided to tighten the noose around the traffic violators.

Director General of Police Dr Muktesh Chander has warned of penalty as well as suspension of license. “Those found over speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol shall be prosecuted under appropriate provision of law. Besides, his/her driving license will be impounded and shall be forwarded to the concerned RTO for suspension the MDL as per the recommendation of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety. We will recommend suspension of license for atleast three months,” he said after announcing introduction of four speed radar guns into the present stock for detecting traffic violation. The department has also procured 100 alco-meters that will add to the existing 21 alco-meters at 14 traffic cells. 

Until now, the police department have suggested suspension of license only for serious traffic violation like fatal accidents and repeated offenses.    

The laser speed radar guns, that will measure the speed of a vehicle even at a distance of 300 mtrs is portable and it will be stationed at strategic locations. Chander said the position of the gadget will change to ensure discipline on the roads.  

On the other hand, additional alco meters have enhanced the traffic checks during tourist season, when the crowd is nearly double Goa’s population.


  • Avi says:

    My license was seized by goa police while returning from doodhsagar. There was speed limit 60KM and I was driving 71KM speed. Not sure what I need to do next. I have received challan copy for that.

  • Chetan Vyad says:

    What is the speed limit for two wheelers within city limits?

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