Taking India one step closer to a greener future, Scania India Pvt. Ltd., announced operations of the country’s first Euro 6 biogas bus and two ethanol buses in association with Kadamba Transport Corporation, Goa. The buses were flagged off by Guest of Honor, Shrimati Mridula Sinha, Hon’ble Governor of Goa and Mikael Benje, Managing Director of Business Unit, Scania Commercial Vehicles India. This launch makes Goa the second city in India after Nagpur to introduce ethanol powered buses on its roads. The buses will commence operations from August 16, 2017 and will tread on different routes across Goa.
Panaji was included in the Government of India’s 100 Smart Cities list since 2016 and has been making steady progress on improving environmental sustainability within the state. The introduction of Scania’s green buses will go a long way to ensure improved mass transport and accessibility without negatively impacting the environment. Speaking at the launch of the green buses, Derick P Neto, Managing Director, Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited said, “Goa has always been known as India’s leading tourist hub. Our beaches, churches and culture have attracted tourists from across the world. Now is the time to preserve the natural beauty this state is known for, by switching to non-polluting transport solutions. We are excited to partner with global leaders Scania Commercial Vehicles, and look forward to working closely with them to transition our beautiful state to a cleaner, greener and better future.”
Led by its philosophy of ‘local waste to local fuel for local transport’, Scania will leverage its advanced scrubbing technology required to treat raw bio gas and convert it into a usable fuel for its biogas bus. Scania India is committed to working in close partnership with the Goa government to develop the eco system required for running bio gas buses in the region. With a strong focus on sustainability and green transport, Scania India is closely aligned with the Government of India’s Smart City initiative. Clean fuel powered mass transport is one of the building blocks of any smart city, and Scania India is set to leverage its global expertise in the field to partner India’s move to sustainable transport.
All three buses launched in Goa run on bio fuels which emit fewer greenhouse gases and cause minimal damage to the environment. Ethanol is the most widely used biofuel in the world today and can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 percent. Bio gas produces up to 84 percent less greenhouse gases than diesel and can reduce fuel costs by up to 30 percent. Bio fuel buses have no operational drawbacks as long as the scheduled maintenance requirements are followed and the buses are completely standard, using regular Scania components.
Speaking on the occasion Mikael Benje, Managing Director of Business Unit, Scania Commercial Vehicles India said, “It gives us immense pleasure to announce our partnership with Goa government for the launch of ethanol and biogas buses in Goa. At Scania Commercial Vehicles, we are committed to helping the world switch to cleaner fuels and environment friendly modes of transportation. Even as we grapple with the impact of climate change, it is crucial to keep the spotlight on sustainable transport to ensure a better future for the world. India’s commitment to bio fuels is commendable and we are delighted at this opportunity to help yet another Indian state make the transition to green fuel. We look forward to partnering the Goa government in its sustainability initiatives to ensure a long and very green future for the state.”
Scania is a global pioneer in sustainable transport solutions. A truly customer centric company, Scania ensures outstanding Total Operating Economy (TOE) and vehicles with engines which can run on biofuels such as biogas, bio-ethanol, and bio-diesel. Scania India is closely aligned with the Government of India’s initiatives such as ‘Make in India’, ‘Clean India’ and ‘Smart Cities’. Scania has introduced a number of sustainable clean energy powered transport systems in the country. Over the years, Scania has scored tremendous success from its ethanol fuelled buses across the globe. The extension of Green Bus operations in India to two cities has established Scania as the leading provider of sustainable transportation solutions. The biogas bus which will run on bio-methane generated from local waste will meet the Euro 6 emission standards.

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September 5th, 2017

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