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Team TNV

Full Name: Tanveer Wahid

City: Mumbai

Age: 26

Qualification: B.com graduate

Profession: not working



TNV: When and how did you begin modelling? Were you studying or working before then?

TW: By God’s grace I have been blessed with good looks and a good personality. And I wanted to make use of what God gave in the best way I could. I always wanted to get into modelling started with a few prints and few ramp walks.


TNV: Why modelling when you could have settled in for a more stable permanent career?

TW: I believe in following my dreams and I believe dreams come true. You live once and I’m a risk taker, I don’t want to live in a comfort zone of having a secured job. I choose to overcome this fear and step out of my comfort zone to make my dreams come true. My faith is bigger than my fear.         


TNV: Tell me about your first assignment. if any How did it happen? What was the experience like?

TW: My first assignment was for a ramp for Nivedita Sahoo in 2018 which went on for 3 days. The schedule was very hectic since I didn’t have a chance to eat proper meals. I realised over these three days that this career is extremely difficult but I persevered because it was my dream.


TNV: What do you feel makes you a good model? Your face? Your body? Your attitude? As opposed to others?

TW: Well I’ve got all it takes. Face, Body and attitude. How about that?! (smiles). And yes my unbreakable confidence. I believe anything is possible if your belief is strong, and I don’t let anyone tell me otherwise. As opposed to others? I am not opposing anyone. May the best man win. I know what I bring to the table so I am not worried about competition.         


TNV: Why Rubaru Mr India when there is so many local pageants happen?

TW: Rubaru is the best and one of India’s leading pageants right now.


TNV: Did Mr. India just happen to you along the way – or were you preparing to take part in the pageant?

TW: Well building a good body takes hard work, time and patience. It doesn’t happen over night. I had the zest to be Mr India I had to build on the bronze.. So I prepared for a year to get this body. What u see in me is all faith and hardwork.


TNV: Tell us about how you train for it. What is the regimen like? What are the challenges involved?

TW: I have disciplined myself into an everyday routine, I wake up early head to the gym, spend at least 2 to 3 hours in the gym with absolute dedication. It helps me focus better and have a sound mind. I also maintain a very strict diet and eat healthy. Yes, it is a very challenging as you have to push yourself really hard to make this a lifestyle along with managing all your work pressure but it’s fun.



TNV: What makes you feel you should be the chosen one? What’s different about you as a contestant?

TW: I am myself. There’s no lie, no filter, /no sugarcoating, what u see is what u get, I am genuine and hence I am at ease through the entire pageant. I think the world needs more genuine people. I am a thief of genuineness.


TNV: How will winning the Mr India pageant will affect your life?

TW: Well firstly it’s going to set an example to a lot of youngsters out there that dreams do come true. I want to do a lot for the world before I leave this place, I want to try to make it a better place to the best of my strength. And winning Rubaru’s title is going to put me in a better position to do that.   


TNV: What are your views on ‘Save Girl Child campaign?

TW: It has always been my dream to be at enough power to help the needy in the world , It kills me to see women getting exploited, women resorting to trading their bodies due to poverty , I think education is so important for women now days , We don’t have too many men left in the world who women could depend on in today’s times , and to secure a million lives of women the only thing we could do is make them independent! I thoroughly support girl child education, We need to encourage every female child for better education by making education highly affordable for them, recruit them for better job opportunities and spreading a lot of awareness and encouraging them to live better lives and not get exploited.


  • Harmeet Gill says:

    Wonderful article. This model has a lot of potential. Good look Ranveer!

  • Asheer mohammed says:

    He is very good looking and very hardworking
    He deserve to win rubaro and manymore thing
    Apart from goodlooks he is also good from heart

  • Asheer mohammed says:

    He is very good looking and very hardworking
    He deserve to win rubaro and manymore thing
    Apart from this he is also good from heart

  • Benjamin says:

    Great going bro and keep it up.

    All the best and may you achieve great heights always

  • Akshay says:

    Yes… What ever Tanveer said is all true… What he is outside he’s more good person inside… Always a caring, supportive person… He will win RuBaRu Mr India… All the best Bro

  • Poonam says:

    Tanveer all the best… God blesss
    The sweetest person i have ever met

  • Kalpesh k chauhan says:

    Hi tanveer i m happy that u are spreading
    a word like genuineness in today’s world …may b because of too much of competition every where people have become very selfish n fake its very important to spread genuineness n help each other, if u r genuine n hard working n believe in your self then no one can change your destiny no one can change your luck so b genuine n real just b the way you are…. My all best wishes to u tanveer wahid….

  • Naresh says:

    He is my fav I love his physique n he looks smart n my vote goes to him

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