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Team TNV

Name: Shakti Kumar Shah               

City: PUNE

Age: 27

Qualification: B.Tech

Profession: Software Engineer



TNV: When and how did you begin modelling? Were you studying or working before then?

SS: I started modelling while working in June 2016. I was interested in modelling since my college days but there was no proper exposure. After participating in a corporate function, I got the confidence to take it further since I got great response from public and organisers.


TNV: Why modelling when you could have settled in for a more stable permanent career?

SS: I have chosen modelling because I believe in following my passion than stability.


TNV: Tell me about your first assignment, if any, and how did it happen? What was the experience like?

SS: I started my first assignment immediately as I entered this field. It was a major stepping stone for my career. It was a print shoot and I was a bit nervous but it went well. My turn was last but I gave my best. I got the experience of facing the camera which boosted my confidence a lot.


TNV: What do you feel makes you a good model? Your face?  Your body?  Your attitude?  As opposed to others?

SS: I feel that  I am a complete package of “Tall, Dark and Handsome “  along with these, my passion for modelling and attitude towards my work makes me a stronger contender than others.


 TNV: Why Rubaru Mr India when there is so many local pageants happen ?

SS: Every pageant that comes your way will add a feather to your hat. Moreover, I believe Rubaru Mr India will give me the exposure I need which will help to explore the fashion industry. Mr India will give me an opportunity to represent India and there’s nothing that can make me more proud than this.


 TNV: Did Mr India just happen to you along the way or were you preparing to take part in the pageant?

SS: I was looking for some bigger opportunity to showcase my talent and I came across Rubaru Mr India. Hence I started preparing for it.


TNV: Tell us about how you train for it. What is the regimen like? What are the challenges involved?

SS: I have created a schedule to groom myself. Firstly, my morning starts with the rehearsal of my singing, then I prepare my diet for the whole day and then I leave for office. After 9-hour of office work I come back to my flat and then get ready to hit the gym. I do workout for 2 hours including cardio then I come back home, have my dinner walk for a while and then I go to bed and sleep for 8 hours. This is my daily routine.


TNV: What makes you feel you should be the chosen one? What’s different about you as a contestant?

SS: I believe everyone is unique and everyone are fighting their own battle. All I can say is I have been fully dedicated to my work and my confidence will get me the result.


TNV: How will winning the Mr India pageant affect your life?

SS: Winning this title will be a stepping stone towards my goal which is to bring an International title for my country. I believe this will give me an opportunity to explore and make a positive impact on the industry.


TNV: What are your views on ‘Save Girl Child’ campaign?

SS: Girls are a blessing in disguise. Girls and boys should be treated equally . Campaigning about “Save Girl Child”  will bring awareness to the people. People think a girl child is a burden, but there should be an awareness spread to educate your daughters and make them capable to find themselves and you will see wonders yourself.  Great ladies like Kalpana Chawla , Saina Nehwal , Sania Mirza and many more have proved that girls are not a burden but a blessing to not only to the family but also to the entire nation.



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