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PANAJI (Goa): Ace Tennis player Sania Mirza, who faced a lot of flak for the length of her skirt during a match, has revealed that it was not only in the society but she also faced gender biases at home too.

 The 31-year-old Hyderabad-based player said she even raised her voice when her relatives pointed their fingers at their parents for having two daughters.

“We are a family of two girls and we have never ever felt that, Oh! I wish we had a brother. I had fight with my own aunts and uncles who talk about it. When they come up and say you should have a son. Lot of arguments that goes around with the demand of having son is that the family name goes ahead. But I have not changed my name, my name is still Sania Mirza and it is going to remain Sania Mirza and the family name is going to go forward,” she said while addressing Goa Fest 2018.

Sania, who is married to Pakistani cricketer, said the couple even wish to have a baby daughter in the future and the child will use the surname of both the parents.

“Today, I will tell you a secret. My husband and I have spoken about it and we have decided that whenever we have a child, the child will named as Mirza Malik and not just Malik. So that’s where we stand as a family including my husband. He actually wants a daughter,” she added.

Talking about the gender pay disparity, which also exists in sports, she said the mindset needs to be changed towards the female players.

“It is a bit of myth that the inequality or parity factor is just in this part of the world. It is across the world. In the world we still get the prize money at grand slam but we still need to justify why we get that much prize money. We have to justify why we should get equal prize money. But the question is- why we should not?. We are doing better as a country that we have started addressing these issues. We have understood that these things are there and we are aware about it. But every now and then you have someone making a statement and which will blow your mind.”


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