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Kapil Gujjar is tallest and strongest winner of Rubaru Mr India contest in the year 2017. A fitness model and gym freak found a great career after he won the title. The Neutral View met him to ask a few questions.


  1. What are the projects that are you are currently doing? What are your future projects?

I have won jerrai classic male fitness model &  will be doing magazine shoots for jerrai. I have played a role in a television serial & have auditioned for parts in different movies.Also i will be modelling for life style fashion week 2018 in may. My next big project will be to prepare for Mr World.




  1. What difference do you find in the life before and after Rubaru Mr India contest and your success in it?

The biggest change i found after winning  Mr india contest is the fame i got people started  recognising me and younger generation  get inspired from my success . I have been invited to judge many fashion events. Overall sucess in this contest has given me a lot of confidence to further achieve my goals.



  1. How much has Mr India fame helped you to emerge as a front runner in your career?

It is all due to fame i have earned from Mr India contest only that people are inviting me as guest and judges for different events also the part i got in the serial and different auditions i have been called to happend due to this fame only. It has a great boost to my career opportunities. 



  1. What would be your advice for those who cannot make to the important event like Mr India, which can give the much needed push in career?

I just want to say that don’t  lose hope & try to find out your week points and work on them,don’t lose your confidence as it is the most important key to sucess.



  1. What are the elements that one requires to be Mr India?

Again most important is coincidence, then hard work, passion, determination,  sincerity are the elements required to be Mr india.



  1. What are the things that you have learnt from Mr India contest?

I have learnt to be honest my self and to others not to present myself the way i m and be proud of it how to deal with different people.thus the hole experience of Mr india contest has helped me to groom my personality& become more responsible. 



  1. How do you balance between a personal and professional life as you have suddenly turned into a busy person?

I try to maintain balance between my personal & professional life . My family is very supportive so they understand my work commitments.  I spend my time with my family whenever I  get free from work.



  1. How do you rate Indian models compared to the international? Do you think we have inherent positive/negative in us?

It is unfair to compare them  as indian models are no less in any way from the international models. We have immense talent in India, what be need is opportunities to showcase our modelling  talent on global platform.


Yes i think so as be do have talent but there are some preconsived nosense regarding the profession of modeling.



  1. What would be the advice for the young generation to want to make modeling or acting as their career?

I want to say to the young generation whatever profession you pursue whether acting & modelling. Do it with utmost sincierity. find your inner passion and work hard for it.



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