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Meet the beauty with the brains, Kanu Parashar, recently crowned  Miss Cosmopolitan  World  India 2018.


Q1. First of all congratulations to you for receiving this prestigious title. How does it feel?

Answer 1)I am highly Elated and Blessed On receiving the title of Miss Cosmopolitan World India 2018. Representing India on an international platform has always been a dream, moreover, it’s a responsibility to represent my people, my culture and the best we have. I will Make Sure that the World Remembers India!!

Q2. Were you expecting something like to this happen?
Answer2) Well the saying says that ‘Blessed are those who don’t expect anything as they never get disappointed ‘ But Yes I surely had faith in my capabilities and hard work that I will make it big someday. I believe this prestigious title is a stepping stone to my success and I hope to do complete justice do it.

Q3. Rubaru Group is often regarded as one of the most well-established beauty pageant organizations in India. How does it feel to get associated with the organization?
Answer3)Rubaru Group definitely deserves to be one of the most coveted pageant organizers as they are the most humble, hardworking and supportive organizers I have ever seen. When a girl gears up for representing internationally she has many doubts, fear and lots of thoughts going inside her head other than excitement so if the whole team is standing beside her it becomes easy for her to give her best.

Q4. How has your journey been so far with the Rubaru Group and Rubaru Miss India Elite Organization?
Answer4)The journey has been amazing with Rubaru MISS India Elite organization, the amount of support given by them to their candidates is commendable! !

Q5. Soon, you are going to represent India internationally. How do you feel about?
Answer 5) Yes very soon just in a  period of 1 month I will be representing India internationally at Miss Cosmopolitan World 2018 ,I am really excited for the those 18 days of grooming, photos hoots and all the activities that are going to happen ,I hope to make the best out of it along with sticking to my moral values and humility.
I will leave no stone unturned to leave our Mark! !

Q6. How are the preparations going on for the international event?
Answer6)The preparations for the pageant are on full swing, daily I wake up with new ideas and try to blend them in my preparations, I have been working on my Body, wardrobe and talent and still there is a lot more to do!!
But as we say that A journey is more beautiful than its destination I am full enjoying this journey of my preparations.

Q7. Any quote or saying that has profound impact on you.
Answer7) Yes The Quote by Dr Abdul Kalam “If You want to shine like a Sun, First Burn Like a Sun” had a profound impact on me  as it clearly shows the value of hardwork, patience and persistence. This quote has motivated me to get up as many times as I have fallen down ,I have no shame in saying that I have lost many times, loosen my faith, regained it, got up with double strength and kept trying .

Q8. Your biggest support in life.
Answer8) My Biggest Support in life has been my Family particularly my Mother and my Elder Sister who have supported me all the way  in my journey, motivated me, helped me to become better, I would have not been the same person  I am today without them. I owe my every single achievement to both of them!!!

Q9. Any advice for the individuals who want to enter this fascinating word of beauty pageants and modeling.
Answer 9) My advice for all those who want to enter the glamour Era is that Just Be yourself, don’t try to copy others, each individual has its own beauty and uniqueness, embrace your flaws and most importantly work hard for what you want to achieve as there is no shortcut to success.
I have an ideology for this, in life, you always have two paths in front of you, one that is easy but is not correct morally and other that is way too difficult than the first one. If you follow the first path maybe you can achieve what you what in a very short period of time but that happiness will be temporary. But sticking to your moral values and ethics while working hard will definitely lead you to a better place in life and that too forever, up will always be contented that whatever you achieved is only a result of your hard work and no favours! !


Q10. Any message for your well-wishers and supporters.
 Answer10) Thank you for all those who have supported me and blessed me in my journey,  I thank them with all my heart and just want to say that please keep supporting,keep blessing because when hard work is mixed with blessings it does wonders😊





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