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How would you describe the present scenario of fashion industry in Goa?
Right now there are many Fashion Institutes, Fashion Boutiques, Fashion events, Fashion Photographers, Fashion awareness & a lot of opportunities in Fashion so it’s a beautiful time in history for any person pursuing this field.
Your thoughts on the association with the Neutral View for their event?
Neutral view has been a pioneer in encouraging fashion designers, supporting fashion events & this makes interesting for me as a subscriber to their paper & am honoured to be associated with them for their Mr & Miss Goa Peagant.
Would you say that Neutral View Mr. & Miss Goa 2018 is a pageant with a difference?
Today there are many Pageants in Goa & some are even making a mockery of terms as they don’t even understand them. Barring a few good events that reputed people in fashion are conducting, there are so many untrained others who are spoiling Goa’s reputation. Also, most people are concentrating on national & international Pageants where our Goans have to compete with other Indians including North Indians & foreigners but there hasn’t been a Peagant only for Goans. This is the first event for Goans only & where a residence certificate is a prerequisite & that is a big difference from other events. Also for the first time, we are having a Peagant for the specially challenged people that makes it all the more appealing. So, all I can say is that it will truly be an interesting event. 
Can you give us a few details of the event?
27th, 28th & 29th September are auditions in North & South Goa. 3rd,4th, 10th & 11th November will be the training for the contestants in confidence, walk,   personal grooming & fitness. 15 the & 16th will be choregraphy & Social causes & 17th is the finale.
Any advice to participants and upcoming models?
 Any career has good & bad people in it but not as much as the glamour industry therefore be very careful that you check the reputation of the organisers before participating. Work on your mind & body to keep it fit for challenges & competition. You will get criticism as much as admiration but judge yourself & do not get bogged down with criticism or get carried away with the admiration. Stay humble & stay focused & strictly do not ever buy a title because you can fool a few with purchased titles but not all & you can’t fool yourself & this will never make you happy not will such fame last. A good model is sought after for a much longer period.
What opportunities do you think an event of this magnitude will bring its participants in the future?
I see a very bright future for the participants as the winners are getting an opportunity to go for Rubaru Mr India & Miss India Elite which are reputed Pageants & from there they could again go for international Pageants.

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