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Team TNV

Name: Sheizad Shaikh

From : Curti, Ponda

DOB : 27th June 1994

College: Chowgule College and Goa University


About Myself: Hey!!!! My name is Sheizad Shaikh, hailing from the Cultural Capital of Goa, Ponda. ‘Sheizad’ which in Arabic means “Son of a King”, the qualities and values given to me by my parent’s (My King and My Queen) have indeed moulded me to become one. Hence true by my name. Life comes with a lot of purposes, and purpose is derived from ones passion. From early school days I was always passionate about dancing and being on stage used to make me the happiest. I am a person driven by passion and strongly believe that with focus, hard work and determination nothing in this world is impossible. Neutral View Mr & Ms Goa 2018 to me is not only a platform to voice my opinion and bring positive change across but also a stepping stone towards my dreams.



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