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Team TNV

Dear Ganapati! We are once again excited to celebrate your arrival. It’s time for Chavath. One of our favourite festivals. Not just because of the sea of sweets that we would get to eat but also because it is a time when every one of us will be back home.
I would always like to refer you as dear. You have always remained close to our hearts. We can’t even think of beginning any new thing without worshipping you. You have the first right of worship over other Gods in Hindu mythology. You appeal to everyone cutting across the faith. You have been within us, inspiring us, guiding us and showing us the right path. You are driving our success.
Even though we always remember you, the ten-day long celebration is just a reason for us to remember you more. In our happiness or emotionally low situations, you are the one who is in our mind.
Dear Ganapati! Goa needs you a lot these days. What we have been facing is a disaster like situation. Our greed to accelerate our economy and to make fast cash have forced us on the brink of disaster. I know we are the sole reason for that and we should take the responsibility.
Our generations are getting crippled with the consumption of banned substances. The drug menace has completely destroyed the coastal belt. The narcotics which were earlier only restricted to the beaches and parties is finding its place into the school bags.
The students consider doing drugs as cool. As they smoke this dangerous substance we look at the entire scene with helplessness. We can see our next generation bending towards the party and drug culture. Save us! We need your divine intervention to change the mind of the students who accidently get into this habit and continue it as their lifestyle. It is destroying their lives and lives of their parents.
The denial syndrome amongst parents is also worrying. They are not ready to accept that their child is having drugs. They try to hide it thinking that their child will come out of the addiction in time, but that does not happen. The chain of disaster is rapidly increasing.
Let those who protect this trade get little wisdom. You are the God of wisdom. Only you can do it because we have faith in you.
Let there be a day when we can declare that Goa has become drug free destination. Not the fear of punishment but the right minded approach should lead to this revolution. Let people come here for pure fun on the beaches and soak in the Sun or take a walk in our wildlife sanctuaries.
When I move out of Goa, let people not know me as the one from the place which is known for rave parties, drugs and booze. Let me be known as a citizen of Gomantak or Goa, which is a state where even God comes for relaxation.
Dear Ganesh! Let our politicians get the foresight to protect our land for posterity. The uncontrolled development of the state to create more residential spaces is killing mother Earth. There are land conversions and cutting of trees. We do understand the need for housing but let those who rule us in the state have a wisdom of planning the state for future.
Let the land use plan be in place and the claims of protecting the land through that plan come in reality. We are common people who can’t read hidden agenda. You are almighty. You know everything. Even if someone is trying to grab the lands and usher in the scams, let your divine intervention stop him. Not by punishment, but by wisdom they should realise their duty towards the people.
Protect our environment. Protect our waters. The rivers are drying and the rainfall is getting deficit. We need to sit down and think where we are heading towards. Dear Ganesh! We pray to you to make every common man, a responsible citizen.
Let the demon of plastic disappear. It is choking our system. Let there be eco-friendly approach. And the first step should start from your worship.
This Chavath let people have the idols which are made of mud and not from plaster of paris. It breaks my heart to see your Idols floating in the water after their immersion.
We pray to you, respect you but after the immersion, your desecrated Idols make beeline on the beaches. It destroys the environment and also hurts our sentiments. Let there be mud Idols so that after immersion they dissolve in water.
Guide us towards an eco-friendly Chavath. We always equate God with nature. So we can’t just let the nature take a toll on the occasion of this festival. Let nature be worshipped as much as we adore you.
Dear Ganesh! Bless our agriculture and farms. The food scarcity should not be a worry for future. Let the young generation take up farming as their profession. Bless every part of the cultivation for good crop. Let there be enough rain, protection from the pests and diseases to our farms and agricultural lands.
Dear Ganapati! The Neutral View family began with its fortnightly magazine since last year. Within no time, we have become the fastest growing media house in the state. We now have the quickest updated website, a popular magazine and also going to launch Konkan Edition ‘Yeva Konkanat’ which will cover areas right from Sawantwadi to Mumbai. This was possible only with your blessings.
Yeva Konkanat will be published every fortnightly. The magazine will have editorial in Malvani language and it will touch the hearts of the people who are ‘Konkani.’
We have become the first regional magazine in the west to go on Reliance’s JioMags app. This means we are now available for more than one crore readers.
We attribute all our success to your blessings. We pray to you to attain your divine protection and favour in all our future endeavours.

Team TNV

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