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One will not forget the fierce speeches of Vijai Sardesai before the elections literally ripping off BJP government. The newly formed Goa Forward Party with its Coconut symbol was in full swing in four constituencies it contested. The agenda was set up against BJP. The Congress party was spared from their attack. Goa Forward Party had already formed a sort of coalition with the Congress party. This was the prelude to election of 2017.
Vijai’s appeal was simple. He promised to undo whatever BJP-led government had done between 2012-17. Those who know Vijai closely will certainly agree that he knows to package things well. He knows to present it well. And when it comes to politics or any issue, there is hardly anyone who can reach the stature of Vijai. He can market politics much better than anyone. Personally, I feel that he has gained this ability with his exposure to the world outside Goa or may be due to his habit of reading.
It was then that the word Goenkarponn emerged as a competition to every other agenda of the rival candidates. Vijai just stressed on one thing, “Goenkarponn”, and there was a craze about it. Needless to speak about the success of GFP in the election; how its candidates including Jayesh Salgaoncar and Vinod Palyekar defeated BJP big wigs. That is immediate past. Everyone knows what happened after the election.
The word Goenkarponn has currently become an anthem of the current government. One would translate Goenkarponn as Goanness in English. But the real meaning of Goenkarponn is very subjective. Everyone can think in his/her own way and derive the meaning the way they want.
If we peep a little in the just-concluded elections, a meeting that actually highlights entire Panaji by-election is the one addressed by Chief Minister and BJP candidate Manohar Parrikar, Vijai and Rohan Khaunte together, hours before the campaigning concluded.
Parrikar’s alternate statement had word “Goenkarponn” in it. Vijai and Rohan too spoke the same language. It was loud and clear that “Goenkarponn” is the focal point of this government.
The Neutral View magazine which is a media house with Goa’s interest at its heart could not detach itself from this entire euphoria about “Goenkarponn.” Mind you our slogan itself is 4 G – Goen, Goenkar, Goenkarponn and Goenkaranchyo Gajali. So, when we sat to design this edition, the first thought that came to our mind was to introduce Goans to the world.
After entering into an agreement with Reliance’s JioMags app, your own The Neutral View magazine is read by over one crore people across India. Through this edition we decided to mirror Goans and Goenkarponn to the world.
The planning meetings had variety of ideas that were churned out. The point of agreement was that we should showcase the Goanness. How do we do that?
For any state, its people, society and culture are the ingredients that give it an identity. When we speak about Goanness, it is the Goan population that needs to be celebrated. Every Goan who is living in the state needs to be recognised.
We decided to pick up few Goans whose struggles can be inspiring for many. Many of those had to balance between the reality of life and their dream. People know them for their success but hardly know the story about their struggle.
Our team decided to document these tales through this edition which has come little after Ganesh Chaturthi. Some of the success stories are yet to be completed as they are climbing the higher ladders.
Who is a Goan? The real question was raised. It is not only the one who is born and brought up in Goa that fits in the criteria of being Goan. We decided to widen our horizon and feature in our edition those who are working for Goa despite having their roots outside the state.
The one who feels about Goa and the one who wants to do something for Goa rising above the personal interest is a Goan. The one who has swam against the tide and beaten all the odds is a Goan. There were many names that came up, but a few were selected.
This issue might have few stories being published but we have decided to make it a point to include at least one success story in our magazine every time.
I still remember that almost a decade back brain drain began in Goa due to the emergence of IT industry in places like Pune and Bangalore. The experts were also quoting that our young generation was moving out of Goa to make a living as we don’t have a proper IT industry.
There were attempts made to set up IT estates and habitats. One such project was planned at Dona Paula but everyone knows what fate it met. Let’s not discuss the politics behind such a disastrous project but it is certain that we could have stopped many youth from leaving the state if we had a proper IT estate.
The recent one was an attempt by then Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar to set up IT industries at Tuem and Chimbel. These days we are not hearing anything about it, but our IT minister Rohan Khaunte has began talking something different about information technology.
Back to the problem of brain drain, Goa needs serious attempts to have reverse migration of its talent, youth and Goenkars. Our Goenkarponn demands that we should work overtime to ensure that the job opportunities are created in the state which will help to retain the existing talent and also reverse the trend of migration.
This edition would certainly work as a contribution to have reverse migration. At least we would be able to trigger thoughts amongst the youth who read us outside Goa to get back home and do what they always aspired to do.
The heroes that we have featured in our edition are the ones who have attained success living in the state. There were times in their lives when they could have very well shifted outside Goa in search of greener pastures but they fought against all odds, remained in the state and made a mark for themselves. That is what which makes them super heroes and inspirational figures for many.
We hope that many more Goenkar super heroes will be born in this land where talent is in abundance but not the opportunities. We hope that the state government should implement their “Goenkarponn” in real spirit. Let our heroes stay here and provide inspiration for generations to come.

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