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TNV: When and how did you begin your modelling career? where did you study or work before then?

SC: Well after my graduation! I joined an institute for fashion merchandising, But I always wanted to be a model I was so devoted to the fashion industry and suddenly I got a chance to be a backstage team for Bangalore fashion week! I went there and I was just a helper but for the male models I arrange their outfits and help them to wear it and let them go and walk on the ramp , and they used to make fun of me because I get ready in a very cool way like always as I was a fashionista and wanted to become like them ! and then suddenly a well know designer from Bangalore itself Mr Ashok Maanay sir saw me and just offered me to walk for him in Delhi , I was nervous and I prepared hard. After walking for him in INDIA SHOWCASE WEEK my journey started and I did plenty of shows even with the models who used to laugh on me of being a helper they walked after me in few shows !!!

TNV: Why modelling when you could have settled in for a more stable permanent career?

SC: It’s not about just ramp shows, shoots, parties, hangouts with friends for me the modelling is just like making an era of yours where people are just mad for your one look! wherever you go, whatever you do and wear up, that becomes a style and people copy, in-short they follow you in every possible way! and permanent career like a govt. job cant help me to make my era , so I opted modelling!

TNV: Tell us about your first assignment, if any, and how did it happen? What was the experience like?

SC: Well as I told you about my first assignment I got from Mr Ashok Manay so after that I got a offer from one of the Coordinator to walk for a show and he asked for like something really weird once it was about pictures so I have sent him all of my pictures but when he asked about my personal pictures then I was like really hesitated ! nothing was coming in my mind I was totally blank, I thought that I should ignore these messages and I started ignoring them but a in short I was afraid that if I speak for him he would not take me in any of his shows and even Shoot so I thought I would just go and meet and talk to him about I went and he said he’s all of his feelings and I told him in a straight way that I can’t do all these things he has given me a lot of lecture about that but I didn’t utter a word in front of him but in last I said no I can’t ! and slowly we became good friends really good friends like you have a soft for your good friend so I had that and he started giving me good work without expecting anything from me and we became good friends and we are working still !

TNV: What do you feel makes you a good model? your face? your body? your attitude as opposed to others?

SC: Being a good model comes from your go-to schedule and how much hygiene you are your face look should be so attractive that people should look and turn up twice to look at again your body should be lean attractive shredded and your attitude should be positive you should be humble should be punctual you should obey your mentor and opposed to others I think all these qualities I have and I’ll make sure I’ll stand on them at every time at any cost !


TNV: Why Rubaru Mr India when there are so many local pageants happening?

SC: Rubaru Mr India is my dream and I know there are many local pageants that happen daily but I always wanted to fight for Rubaru Mr India because They have some class which means from team members to MD all of them are reputed from the industry and they know how to give exposure to their models the team the members the MD and their all members are really very helpful ! as I heard from the ex-contestants of last season and last to last seasons and they send you for international pageants as well and it will be a proud moment To be a part of Rubaru Mr India 2019 !

TNV: Did Mr. India just happen to you along the way or were you preparing to take part in the pageant?

SC: I was preparing for the pageant because I always wanted to have a title of Mr. India and wanted to represent India at international level because the pride the name the fame of India is enough for anything everytime!

TNV: Tell us about how you train for it? What is the regimen like? what are the challenges involved?

SC: I train twice in a day in the morning I go for a run and then do some abs and cardio and have a dietic meal without salt and sugar and have plenty of fruits to make my skin glow and there are many challenges involved after being tired from a full day routine you have to still wake up in the next day and repeat it again and again ! and results are not shown in a few days it takes time efforts your hard work dedication to your aim ! even you need proper rest and sleep and proper diet ! And side-by-side you have to make sure how do you look for your appearance in front of the camera.

TNV : What makes you feel you should be the chosen one? what is the difference about you as a contestant?

SC: I have been preparing for Mr India from So long it’s not that I have seen some post of someone and I’m inspired it was my biggest dream to achieve to have a title of Mr India! I have been preparing up from so long for this kind of attitude that kind of positivity the kind of your era like everyone should love you the way you are I have prepared myself like that ! and when it comes to the looks body face attraction The leadership quality and everything that India’s representation has ! yes, I think I can be a good competition and I think I can win it too!

TNV: How will winning the Mr India pageant will go to affect your life?

SC: Winning Mr India title will be a dream come true moment for me as I have worked for it very hard! it will be a proud moment for my mom and dad because they know what was my dreams from childhood And I’ll make sure I’ll keep the title with all of its good respect, of course, my life is going to change after winning as people will call me Mr. India instead of Shubham Chauhan And where ever I go They will see me with full of respect and love ! because being a model and Mumbai are in India it’s not a big thing but being a Mr. India is much more than that because you have been chosen among many !!! and you have all those qualities what a model and a gentleman has to represent India at international level ! after winning the title I’ll be an inspiration for many people would take my advice because they know that I have worked hard for it


TNV: What are your views on ‘save girl child’ campaign?

SC: I would really love to spread this message across our country. I would just say please stop killing a girl child save girls as they are future of everything.



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