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Team TNV

Full Name: Yogesh Sharma

City: Jaipur

Age: 26

Qualification : Post graduation

Profession: modelling/job


TNV: When and how did you begin modelling? Were you studying or working before then?

YS: In 2016 I did my first ramp show and at that time I also completed my post graduation.


TNV: Why modelling when you could have settled in for a more stable permanent career?

YS: Because I love modeling and very much passionate about my modeling career apart from this I am doing my job also.


TNV: Tell us about your first assignment. if any How did it happen? What was the experience like ?

YS: My first big assignment was Rajasthan heritage week .I was selected in top 3. It was great experience.


TNV: What do you feel makes you a good model? Your face? Your body? Your attitude? As opposed to others?

YS: Actually I have all of things.


TNV: Why Rubaru Mr India when there are so many local pageants happening?

YS: I always choose original that’s why I am here.

TNV: Did Mr. India just happen to you along the way – or were you preparing to take part in the pageant?

YS: I am only here for Rubaru Mr India 2019.


TNV: Tell us about how you train for it. What is the regimen like? What are the challenges involved?

YS: I decided to do Mr India in September 2018 then i was strict about my diet and gym schedule. I shifted my day job schedule to night and the third one is my dance schedule and acting schedule and last but not least I prepared my mind to do Mr India 100%.


TNV: What makes you feel you should be the chosen one? What’s different about you as a contestant?

YS: I do my 100% till the end of the task and never give up . And I believe in do or die.


TNV: How will winning the Mr. India pageant affect your life?

YS: There will be so many changes in my life like my attitude my behaviour my personality my looks my confidence my body language and my mindset .


TNV: What are your views on ‘Save Girl Child’ campaign?

YS: I believe it’s a new India boys and girls both are same now because in every field girls compete with boys now. Man and woman are two main pillars of earth.


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