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Panaji (Goa) The Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) has decided not to add the sports merit marks earned by students of class X and XII to the grand total of the candidate but will reflect separately in the marksheet from 2018.

The decision was taken during the general body meeting held on August 31; however the circular in this regard was issued on Monday.

The XII examinations are scheduled from March 5, while the SSC exams will begin from April 2.

Until last exams, sports merit marks would be added to the total marks secured by a student and shown on the marks list. However, the same had become the contentious issue as the parents and students were in fix to know whether or not the sports marks should be considered while drawing up the merit list for admission.

“The decision taken by the General Body in its meeting held on 31/08/2017 is hereby conveyed that from March 2018 onwards, sports merit marks shall be shown separately in the mark list, i.e the same shall not be added to the grand total marks secured by the candidate,” states a GBSHSE circular.


  • Ashwin says:

    Sports should be encouraged and not discouraged. Many students are dependent on sports marks and sacrifice a lot of time with sports. Sports marks should be encouraged. Give us a chance to showcase our talents. Please….

  • Vaishnavi says:

    Respected Education Minister of Goa and board members.
    You would have given this decision earlier when this academic year started.
    Giving this decision now is not beneficial for the sports students as well as other students who took part instead of preparing for the boards. This is not correct. Please implement this from next academic year onwards.Sports should be encouraged with education.

    I hope you will read this message and take a needful decision..

  • Vaishnavi says:

    Some parents don’t send their children to play sports but students wants to play..
    And when students say that we will get marks for it… Parents send them….

  • Lata Santosh Mashelkar says:

    This rule is not in use , I think almost everyone has disagred with this decision .sports merit marks are mainly to encourage students who doesn’t play , but as their getting marks they play ….also as our PM has also issued about physical activity of youg generation is very low .so, I request to GOA BOARD to think about it , and if they can chang anything then they should . Sports merit marks are to encourage a student to be best in studies as well as in sports and , from my opinion I think this should be changed…(Humble request to GOA BOARD)

  • Anisha Reddy says:

    Respected education minister please do consider the sports marks to the grand total as many students like me are depended on the sports marks. Please think about this over again and please my humble request is to change your decision.

  • Piety mascarenhas says:

    This is injustice to sports student. Even last year they added marks n children got good percentage bcoz of sports. Y the discouragement for sports this year. Y the sudden change now? I request Goa board plz revoke the decision of NO MORE ADDITION OF SPORTS MARKS TO STUDENTS GRAND TOTAL….

  • Jyotna says:

    Its a very good decision that board has cancled sports marks form grand total.
    Many times it had happened that students who study die hard and score marks are left behind because of this extra marks.
    In my opinion students who fail and are in sports should get marks not those who are already topper and are in sport

  • It is my humble request to respected education minister that if students sports marks are not included in their grand total from next year onwards no parents will encourage their child to play for school if they are toppers they will force them to concentrate on studies rather playing for school according to me they miss there classes and play for school so it is all there hard work they do which they are getting in return in the form of marks …this rule should not be applicable thats my opinion

  • Alino colaco says:

    Why sports marks are not to be added?? It is the had work of students n if the government wanted to remove then they should have done that in advance when the school started.

  • Prathamesh says:

    I am selected for the nationals and I cannot think weather to participate or not because of sports marks. Our higher secondary is opposing me because there is no sports marks.

  • Prathamesh says:

    At least tell me if i fail then will sports marks add and will I get pass?

  • Prathamesh says:

    Why Goa Board can’t reply our questions?

  • Varun says:

    Will it be affected for the batch of 2017 to 2018 ??

  • khushi prabhu says:

    i think it is right dcision many times students work day and night to get good marks but if they are not in sports then they will not get good marks but if the person is in the sports then even if they get less marks they will good marks is this justice?

  • A student says:

    I took agree but if sports marks are added they should also add the cultural marks too most of thrle children take part in cultural activities if they are not added then no sports marks should be added

  • A student says:

    I too agree, but if sports marks are added they should also add the cultural marks too. Most of the children take part in cultural activities if they are not added then no sports marks should be added.

  • Pratiksha Naik says:

    The decision taken by GOA board is very correct.

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