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Panaji (Goa) From now on, No Objection Certificate (NoC) from the Chief Town Planner is mandatory before sale/ registration of any plots in the State.

The amended the Town and Country Planning (amendment) Act 2017 has come into force from March 22, making NOC from Chief town planner mandatory. In this regard, a notification is been issued by TCP Secretary IAS Ashok Kumar.

In an office memorandum issued by State Registrar Ashutosh Apte, it is been said that all the civil registrar-cum-sub registrars and district registrar are informed to take the note that NOC from the chief town planner (planning) is required to be insisted upon before registration of any plots.

The move is basically to curb the illegal conversation and sale of orchard, agricultural land.


  • Adv. Vilas Goltekar says:

    What is the procedure and rules framed for obtaining noc for registration of sale deed and what are the requirements and fee prescribed for the same and if any time frame is scheduled for dealing with such noc s

    • Arman says:

      I have a Deed for a plot purchase last year. this Deed has 2 owners each registered to have 50% of the Villa. Now I intend to purchase the portion of my partner who hold the other 50%. So that the total Villa will be in my name only.
      Do I as a buyer need to have NOC ???
      Do my partner as the seller need to have NOC ???? As my partner can not come to Dubai due to his recent illness.

      Will most appreciate your reply

  • Ayub says:

    Till date no guideline is issued to TCP Department in local bodies and they do not know whom to give noc and process, when u make rules make it proper way.

  • Cedric Dias says:

    A property jointly owned is proposed to be partitioned by mutual agreement among the owners by a duly registered partition deed. The property is not owned by inheritance but was purchased.
    Is NOC from TCP or PDA required for registration of partition deed?

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