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A good leadership with the coalition government and instability within the members of the opposition camp are two indicators that this government will be very stable for the next five years.

What are your thoughts on first 100 days of present Parrikar-led government?

I would say the first 100 days were very satisfactory because as a coalition government we have started working effectively towards our common minimum programme. Each Minister has understood the working of their respective departments within two months of governance and planning to deliver by changing systems which were required for the ease of business for the common people. So I would say that things have started and this government is already working for the common man. In last 100 days we have accomplished a lot of things and I think that the Chief Minister is very categorical and clear about the vision of how Goa has to go ahead.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the present government?

I would rate it 8 out of 10. In the last two months if you see, there were corrective measures taken by the Ministers in their respective departments. So when corrective measures are taken, there is a clarity on what the government wants to offer and what the people need. When we talk about a model of development, it is an inclusive development model which is going to areas in need for maximum attention. Other issues such as legislations which went wrong, whether it was the Kul Mundkar Act or the coconut tree issue have already started being resolved through the common minimum programme of the government.

How would you rate your own performance?

That is for the people to judge. I have given my 100 percent to perform to the best of my abilities. Revenue and IT are the departments which are needing a lot of efforts, a lot of focus and a lot of changes in legislation. We need a lot of initiative in the IT sector. We have been talking about IT policy for long and we have been talking about IT Park for long but in the last two months you will see that we have moved it physically by walking the talk and CM Parrikar is also personally involved in the IT sector by backing these things. As far as revenue department goes, the mutation process, certificates process have been eased by making it online. This clearly indicates that the issues of the common man are being solved and that the people need not go to the departments for minor things. So I would say we have tried our best to deliver, now it is for the people to gauge our performance.

Are you comfortable working with Manohar Parrikar as Chief Minister?

Yes I am very comfortable because he has been a guiding force for all of us. I have understood the problems while being in the opposition. Now when we are trying to put these problems together and deliver it with an answer, you need governance coming in which also involves bureaucracy. There are a lot of times when I take advice from the CM regarding certain issues. The CM has been very supportive and he has been giving time to ensure that the governance is at its best.

Can we consider that this will be a stable government and will complete its tenure?

There is no question about instability. Stability comes with a common agenda. If the centre and the state government works in sync for the development of Goa and for the success of our common minimum programme there will be no question of having any instability. Efforts of the opposition to confuse the people will have no impact because the opposition members themselves have to be united first. So I think a good leadership with the coalition government and instability within the members of the opposition camp are two indicators that this government will be very stable for the next five years.

Team TNV

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