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⁠⁠⁠TNV: You have been accused of taking selective issues on the part of Shiv Sena. How do you react to it?
RAKHI: We are taking issues which will give fruitful results. Some issues though they look big it is just political which has no proper ending. Those issues we will take when time comes at present we are more concentrating on building our party.

TNV: Your political career started with NCP and now you are in Shiv Sena. Any reason why you chose to be in the party whose ideology is contradictory to NCP?
RAKHI: For me both parties are nationalists and this is the basic ideology I follow. Shiv Sena is follows Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who himself was Nationalist. Some people in Goa have misconception about Shiv Sena

TNV: What are the issues in Goa that Sena finds are crucial and will be taking in future?
RAKHI: All the while Shiv Sena in Goa has been social working organization doing more of a social work but now from last elections Shiv Sena has decided to do politics simultaneously. We will take all the issues concerning common people in Goa and keeping communal harmony intact.

TNV: Why do you think that Sena could not do much during 2017 Goa assembly election?
RAKHI: I was not with Sena then but I think that time Sena wasn’t ready to fight elections, it was just a net practice as they were more dependent on Mr. Velingkars GSM which was fighting elections on single centric issue. Our leaders have over trusted Velingkars and given him so much freedom even to choose constituencies for us. Where as Sena was not strong enough.

TNV: What are the preparations going on to host meetings of Uddhav Thackrey scheduled somewhere this month?
RAKHI: We are restructuring our organization right from booth level to state committees. On arrival of Shri. Uddhavsaheb Thakrey we will hold a convention for all the office bearers as it is an visit for interaction with the office bearers to strengthen the organization.

TNV: Do you think that Shiv Sena would be able to get support in Goa?
RAKHI: I already mentioned that people have misconception about our party but definitely Shiv Sena has a scope in next coming days as people of Goa want an better option. I would like to remind you that BJP condition was worst than Sena then but today it has emerged as a strong political party.

TNV: Is there any plan to attract Christian population towards Sena which has an identity of being Hindu party?
RAKHI: We already have Muslim & Catholics in our party. Others will also learn that for us nationalism is Hinduism. After all we goans knows to respect each others religions & live in harmony.

TNV: Can we expect prominent leaders joining Shiv Sena in future?
RAKHI: Young leaders or second leadership of many parties are already joining Sena. In coming days, definitely prominent leaders would opt for Sena. Also Sena will create new dynamic leaders.

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