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Pardeep Kharera, professional boxer and an international boxing champion is a star in the making. Team TNV spoke to this promising young model about his preparation for the pageant and the journey so far.

Q1.First of all many congratulations to you for winning the Audi Goa Rubaru Mister India United Continents 2018 title. How does it feel?
Thank you so much. Big thanks to all my well-wishers for showering so much love and especially the Rubaru team which prepared us and guided us throughout this journey. My heartiest congratulations to all the winners and participants of Audi Goa Rubaru Mister India 2018 pageant. Everyone did a great job. I feel blessed and I am really happy that I won this title of Audi Goa Rubaru Mister India United Continents 2018. It was possible because of blessings of my parents and yes, hard work always plays a major role in any achievement or milestone that one achieves or accomplishes.

Q2. What was your reaction when your name was announced at grand finale of the Audi Goa Rubaru Mister India 2018 pageant in Goa?
That moment was ecstatic and proud. There are not appropriate words are to describe those emotions. I can just say that I see that moment as the beginning of new journey. The grand finale markedthe beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Q3. How does it feel to get associated and also becoming the face of India’s biggest and oldest surviving annual male pageant?
It feels great to be associated with Rubaru Mister India Organization. As you said, it is India’s biggest and oldest surviving male pageant and most desired platform for the youngsters. I grabbed this opportunity in right time. Surely I feel proud to be a face of Rubaru Mister India Organization.

Q4. How has your journey been so far with the Rubaru Mister India Organization?
Rubaru Mister India organization has always been there for me like my family and will always be a part of all my achievements and success in future. The moment I won the title, it introduced a new chapter in my life and it is indeed going to be a very fruitful and great experience.

Q5. What are the responsibilities that come with this prestigious title and how hard it is to fulfil those responsibilities and also to live up to the expectations that have been set on you?
Young boys see me as their inspiration and they come to me asking for advice which I am happy to deliver. I feel it is my responsibility to guide them in the right direction. I have always wanted to make my country proud and it gives me immense happiness to guide the young individuals who want to enter this fascinating world of modelling and pageantry.  I see this responsibility as a gift rather than looking at it as something that has made my life a bit preoccupied however I am never preoccupied for my well-wishers and near and dear ones.I would just like to say I believe in working hard and I will keep on doing so. Be unstoppable!

Q6. This year the Rubaru Mister India pageant celebrated their fifteenth anniversary and you are the fifteenth Rubaru Mister India titleholder. How do you feel about that?
Congratulations to Rubaru Mister India Organization for completing fifteen wonderful years and my best wishes for many years coming ahead. Becoming “fifteenth” “Rubaru Mister India”, make this achievement even more special.


Q7. What do you think are qualities that are required to be Mr India?
I think being a Mr India is not just about good looks. It is more than that.He should be a gentleman in all senses. He should respect others and be a man of fine manners and etiquettes. He should be physically fit and confident.A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Confidence plays the key role which develops from constant hard work and determination. Confidence is what boosts your performance and it allows us to express our “true self” wholly.

  1. Your biggest support in life.
    My parents and my elder brother, Amit Kharera.
  2. Any message for your well-wishers and supporters who are reading this interview.
    In your daily schedule give atleast 1 hour to physical fitness. Include health in your priority list and don’t just ignore it because if you are not physically fit you cannot be mentally fit, as both are interdependent. Secondly, always set one goal and be persistence towards it. Don’t get distracted from it.Forget everything else. Worship that goal and work hard for it. Don’t be dependent on others and always believe in yourself. You, yourself are your biggest strength.Finally always share and discuss your doubts and problems with your parents because parents are the best guru and guide in your life. God bless you all. Thank you so much.

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