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100 days is just the beginning. The fact that we have been able to bring ‘Goemkarponn’ on centre stage makes me very happy.

What are your views on 100 days of the Parrikar-led government?

The 100 days of Parrikar-led government is taking Goa forward. Apolitical issues which affect the common man have been addressed effectively by this government. One of these is the garbage issue. The Chief Minister has talked about bringing scientific garbage treatment facility for which a substantial progress has been done. So, issues which are not meant to inflame the passion of people but issues which affect the common man and which are apolitical in nature are sought to be redressed by this government and I am thankful for this.

How would you rate the performance of this government on a scale of 1-10?

We are just beginning, so one cannot just rate the government at present. The main intention of this government is to complete five years. 100 days is just the beginning. The fact that we have been able to bring ‘Goemkarponn’ on centre stage makes me very happy, it makes me believe that it is 10 out of 10, because we have made Goemkarponn a part of the narrative. It was never a part of the narrative until now. But now, we have not just made it a part of the narrative but also an adhesive substance with which all the alliance will be stuck together. I think we have managed a party which is very young. We have managed to ensure that our agenda of giving rightful place to the sons of the soil for protecting the architectural, cultural and the natural heritage of Goa gets centre stage.

How much time did it take for you to understand nitty-gritties of being a Minister?

I am still learning. Every Minister is learning and first thing what we have learnt is to come together. Coming together with diverse ideologies for a common minimum programme is the biggest success of this government. People have still not digested that why a party like Goa Forward which opposed the BJP before the elections decided to ally with the BJP after the elections. We are very clear about why we took this step and what we have in mind.

Do you think that the minorities have already started accepting this government as their own?
Of course. Why will the minorities have doubts about this government? We have taken steps which have cleared their doubts. We have proved that this government is not meant for a few. This government will work for every Goemkar and will give justice to every Goemkar. We will appease none and we will favour none. This is what we stand for and our actions are louder than words. We have not only promised but we have delivered. In fact it is the Congress who is trying to create doubts in the minds of the minority community. The Congress have still not come to terms with the reality that they could not form the government even after people gave them a sizeable mandate.

Parrikar as CM in 2012 or Parrikar as CM in 2017; who would you prefer?

Definitely I would prefer the 2017 Parrikar as CM. As I said earlier politics is a learning process. Parrikar has quit his post as Defence Minister of India and come to Goa. Many people are not able to understand that why the Defence Minister of a country decided to become the Chief Minister of a state. Now that perhaps is a reflection of the love that he has for Goa. The fact that he means good and intends to implement a certain programme has perhaps allowed him to demote himself, which itself is a sacrifice. We have to look at it from one point, he has not been sent there by somebody but he has been called here by us, it was up to him to accept or not to accept.

How would you differentiate between 2012 Parrikar and 2017 Parrikar?

The 2017 Parrikar is a matured one. There are certain whisky’s which are 12 years old and 18 years old. So, the 12 years old whisky is also nice but the one which is 18 years old is more matured therefore more expensive and tastier.

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