I'm Prandip Bharali

Age: 24
City: Jorhat, Assam
Qualification: Diploma in engineering (mechanical engineering), Classical Music (Vocalist)

When and how did you begin modeling? Where you studying or working or working before den????

I first started my journey on this endeavor during my college days where I took part in many ethnic fashion shows and was the winner of many of them. Since then I have ventured into various beauty pageant and came to know a lot about this world. Actually it all started when I was a student in an esteemed institute for Junior Engineering, Assam Engineering Institute and out of the many extra curricular that I took part in modeling was one of them and then from that time onwards I never looked back and started on this beautiful journey of being a model.

Why Rubaru Mr India when there is so many local pageants happen????
Rubaru Mr India is the platform which will give me the right exposure to work on what I intend to achieve. The ways I can give back to the society by being a recognized face by a brand such as Rubaru will only catapult my chance of changing the world for a better place. There is nothing more I can ask right now then Rubaru Mr India.
What do you feel makes you a good model your face? Your body? Your attitude? As opposed to others
I feel my attitude makes me a good model
What are your views an throught for cause camping of same girl child how you will educated to stop this our country?????
It is one of the biggest misfortune that we have to educate others to save a girl child. This is a campaign which has many dimensions to it. Just by educating them about the equality of girl child with the male child wont suffice. Even the law has to be made strict and consistent like laws on dowry laws on domestic violence. The trust of the people on law and order has to be bought back.
Then only I believe people will accept it with open arms. Just by educating a victim about good behavior wont work.
Tell as about how you train for it.what is regimen like???? What are the challenges involved
When it comes to my workout I train nearly 2-3 hrs a day and put all my guts out while I am on it…
I workout 4 days a week and rest for 3 days. The biggest hardship is to sacrifice so many things that I love doing. Like quitting  so many foods that I love for the sake of maintaining my workout regime. Then there are some financial crisis that emerge quite often because of the regime I have to follow and then the problem of facing the orthodox society that tries to pull people down when ever someone try something different.
What makes you feel you should be the the chosen one???what different you as a contestant
From being a small town boy to a contestant in the esteemed Rubaru beauty pageant is in itself an accomplishment to start with.
Other than that I would say that time is evident of my hard work and the hardships I have faced to keep afloat my dreams of seeing myself in such a grand beauty pageant. The amount of dedication I have put into any cause I have always undertaken can be written into a song if given a chance. A song I believe will motivate the generation to come, to do something different, to dream and dream again. I always believe that everyone is born equal but it is what they do that defines them. My work however big or small should only be remembered for good and with this aim of doing good to the society and giving back to the society makes me believe that I stand out in the crowd.
All my hard work stands tall with dignity because of its intention to do good.
Why modeling when you could have settled in for a more stable parmanent career
With all due respect to the stable career options I would like to say that a stable job wont let me fulfill my dreams. Dreams that are not only mine but of everyone that knows me.
There is a saying that not taking a risk is the biggest risk in the world and I don’t want to spend my old age regretting about things that I did not do. I believe I should be the only one accountable for my deeds for those who blame others for there mishap never succeed in life and moreover as I have said repeatedly, Rubaru will give me a chance to do good to the society, to lead people when asked for by the circumstances and finally I believe when you work is your passion then no force on this planet can stop you from achieving the impossible and modeling is my passion my dream my everything so why settle for any less.

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