Rotary Club Mapuca to organise Camp to give free Robotic Arms to 7 Young People


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Rotary Club of Mapuca (Dist 3170) is in its 53rd year of existence and has been involved with Jaipur foot artificial limb fitments, for the last 25 years and continues to provide 50+ lower limbs each year to the underprivileged across state lines (South Maharashtra/ North Karnataka/Goa – Western India).



“We as a club have now discovered, that there is a need to up the game and provide sophisticated upper limb prosthetics to physically challenged young adults or teenagers for whom this project could be a life changing event.

Myoelectric Prostheses

For upper-limb amputees, myoelectric-controlled prostheses offer the ultimate combination of function and natural appearance. Designed to mimic human anatomy and motion, electronic components are the closest alternative to an anatomical hand or arm. Thanks to constantly advancing technology, the latest prosthetic systems feature astonishing capabilities:

  • Elbows that flex and extend with muscle signals so you can reach for a beverage and bring it to your lips
  • Wrists that bend and rotate, allowing you to position objects for convenient viewing and handling
  • Hands that can lug a suitcase or hold an egg without cracking it
  • Thumbs that can change orientation to multiple hand positions

What is a Myoelectric prosthesis?

“Myoelectric” is the term for electric properties of muscles. A myoelectric- controlled prosthesis is an externally powered artificial limb that you control with the electrical signals generated naturally by your own muscles.

Hand, wrist and elbow myoelectric components are available. With amputations above the elbow, a hybrid prosthesis may combine myoelectric- controlled components with body-powered components to control shoulder and/or elbow function. A skin-like glove covers the prosthesis for a natural appearance.

The cost of each limb is approximately Rs.3,00,000/- per limb and we have identified 7 beneficiaries for this project.

Rotary Club of Mapuca has raised 26 lakhs for this project under the Rotary Foundation and one of our close partners on this project is the Rotary Club of Francisco Beltrao of Brazil.”


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