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Team TNV

Team TNV

Having come from a sports background and represented Goa in Boxing, Rahul Rametri found himself on a completely different playing field at Neutral View Mr&Ms Goa 2018, but the inner sportsman of Rahul triumphed here as he won the title of Neutral View Mr&Ms Goa 2018. Rahul, who is currently studying B.PEd at Don Bosco College, Panaji, and working part-time as a fitness trainer, talks about his transition from a sportsman to a model.


Q Many congratulations for winning the title, how is the feeling?

Thank you, feeling really happy and excited it’s truly been a great experience.


Q Have you been in the modelling field before and how did you prepare for the pageant?

I have done a couple of fashion shows and photo shoots, preparing for the pageant was really energetic and exciting at the same time. Maintaining my body and keeping myself fit definitely boosted my confidence level. A fit body n maintaining hygiene is very essential, also I trained myself to give the best walk and also worked on my grooming like hairstyling etc.


Q It was a rigorous three-day grind before declaring the winners, how did you manage to keep yourself motivated and deliver the best in you?

Keeping myself calm and analysing the negatives and turning them into positivity helped me become more patient and also gave me a boost to give my best shot no matter what the outcome.


Q How was your experience with the Neutral View Mr. and Miss Goa Pageant and how do you look at it as an opportunity for the Goan Youth?

The experience was great because they were really hospitable and also trained and motivated us with different programmes and sessions. For the Goan youth, this would be a great platform and stepping stone because they will get to showcase their talent to a bigger audience and also learn something, which will definitely enable them to progress better in their future endeavours.


Q What do you think are the qualities required to be Mr Goa?

According to me, the qualities required are self-confidence, a winning attitude and a unique personality so basically embracing yourself and being ‘you’.


Q By winning the title you have directly qualified for theRubaruMr. India, how confident are you at performing at the National Level?

They say confidence is a key to success, so I’m going to use that key and hopefully, it works for me while performing at the national level.


Q Who has been your biggest support in life?

I would give the full credit to my mother as she has been the backbone and support in my life and always been my constant motivator!






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