Panaji  (Goa): The Goa government has finally heeded to the demands of the beach shack operators to ban drinking in glass bottles on yge beaches. Minister for Tourism, Manohar Ajgaonkar has directed the Department of Tourism to work out a mechanism to bring in the necessary measures within the ambit of the law.
Thd directions came during a meeting with beach shack owners when the Shack Owners Welfare Society called on the minister to deliberate on various issues ahead of the season.
Cruz Cardozo, President of the Association raised concerns over beach cleaning and urged Ajgaonkar to step up measures for effective cleanliness and monitoring of the same. The association also raised issues pertaining to safety and security of tourists on the beaches, illegal and unauthorized vending and touting, etc.
Cardozo further suggested that government ban supply of drinks in glass bottles to ensure the beaches are free from the menace of glass bottles. He said that if these are replaced by cans, it would nip the problem at the root.
The association members referred to various instances wherein pieces of glass bottles or broken bottles have led to injuring visitors.
During the discussion, Ajgaonkar also impressed on the shack operators to co-operate with the Department of Tourism with regards to cleanliness and hygiene on the beaches of Goa. He sought the support from beach shack operators emphasizing on the importance of keeping the beaches clean at a time when the Department is also initiating the process for setting up public conveniences like toilets, changing rooms, locker facilities under phase II of the Coastal Circuit development plan under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme.
The minister categorically stated that the government will crackdown on activities such as promotion of drugs, illegal masseur activities, dance bars etc for which he urged the shack operators to be vigilant and co-operate in this drive.
Rave parties in the coastal belt have come under the scanner of the government with several late night parties being abruptly shut in the past few days. Many have faced arrest for drug related activities too.

September 5th, 2017

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