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Aishwarya Joshi who was recently crowned the winner of Rubaru Miss India Elite 2018 beauty pageant concluded extravagantly on May 27, 2018 at the City Park Resort, Ghevra in New Delhi she is a model, actor and swimmer by profession and was one of the crowd favourite candidates competing for the prestigious title team TNV spoke exclusively to the gorgeous model about her preparations and journey to winning the title.

Q1. First of all congratulations to you for receiving this prestigious title. How does it feel?

When they first announced my name that I am the winner of Rubaru Miss India Elite 2018, I was in another universe of emotions. I felt so happy and extremely grateful when I won the crown for which I worked really hard.

Q2. Were you expecting something like to this happen?

Yes! I am an optimistic person and I was hoping that something great is coming. Throughout my journey, I was very positive and I was getting better at every step of my training.

Q3. Rubaru Group is often regarded as one of the most well-established beauty pageant organizations in India. How does it feel to get associated with the organization?

It feels great to get associated with such prestigious organisation. The team is very professional and very supportive towards the candidates.


Q4. How has your journey been so far with the Rubaru Group and Rubaru Miss India Elite Organization?

 My journey with Rubaru Group and Rubaru Miss India Elite Organisation is extremely good. They always motivate and give constructive guidance to all the candidates.

Q5. Soon, you are going to represent India internationally. How do you feel about?
I am very excited for the International pageant. I am sure it will be a great experience for me to represent India on an international level. But it’s a huge responsibility as well.

Q6. How are the preparations going on for the international event
 I work out every day along with practising yoga. And, I also go to dance classes. Besides all of this, I’m still practising everything that I’ve already learnt. I’m getting better day by day and I can’t wait to see my final transformation and show the world that India can’t be ignored!


Q7. Any quote or saying that has profound impact on you.

 If you’ve got a dream, you got to protect it.


Q8. Your biggest support in life.

My hard work.

Q9. Any advice for the individuals who want to enter this fascinating word of beauty pageants and modeling.

My advice would be “It’s not easy as it seems”.


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