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Tell us something about yourself

I am a very energetic person with a very positive attitude. I have a passion for modelling and acting and also for adventure activities. I love to help others.


What inclined you towards modelling? and are you looking forward to it as a full-time profession?

I feel that the camera loves me and that’s what got me into this field. Modelling will also give me a chance to become a role model for others so, I am looking forward to it as a full-time profession.


What was your reaction when you came to know that you were selected for Neutral View Mr & Ms Goa 2018?

After hard work, my dream came true and this was my first step towards becoming a pro.


How important winning this pageant is for you?

Yes, it is very important because I want to prove myself and also bring a smile on my mother’s face.


If you win Neutral View Mr/Ms Goa you will get a direct entry to Rubaru Mr/Miss India, how are you preparing yourself?

To be frank, if I win Neutral View Mr Goa 2018 it will be a great opportunity for me to represent my state and I will give my 100 per cent no matter what.


Your biggest support in life

My mother, brother and sister are my biggest support.


Any quote or saying that has a profound impact on you

Just love yourself and do what makes you feel happy and not what others want to see.


Any message for your friends and well-wishers

Yes, a big thank you to everyone and keep supporting me. Love you all.

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