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Team TNV

Team TNV


Tell us something about yourself

I am from Porvorim. I am very passionate about photography, dance, fashion, styling, and I am an adventurous person. I am a family oriented person who believes that family comes first and everything later on.


What inclined you towards modelling? and are you looking forward to it as a full-time profession?

I m not going to say it’s my childhood dream and stuff to be a model but it’s an inner spirit and that curiosity to portray my personality and my looks on a correct platform which got me into this field. Yes, I am looking for a full-time profession in modelling.


What was your reaction when you came to know that you were selected for Neutral View Mr & Ms Goa 2018?

I was very happy as it was pretty unexpected about the results cause my audition

were not really well


Have you participated in pageants before this?

No, I haven’t participated in any pageants but I have been doing runway modelling for many designers!


How important winning this pageant is for you?

Winning this pageant will definitely take me to such a level that I cannot imagine. I am going to gain a lot of experience from this pageant and I am going to learn so many new things which will be a stepping stone for my future and for my betterment.


If you win Neutral View Mr Goa you will get a direct entry to Rubaru Mr India, how are you preparing yourself?

If I do win Neutral View Mr Goa, I’ll be preparing for such a level considering all the aspects of modelling and this fashion industry in mind. I will make sure that I am perfect in all aspects.


Are you feeling any pressure?

At the moment, no pressure as such but in future responsibilities and lot more will come my way. There will be pressure but I need to learn how to overcome them.


Your biggest support in life

My parents are my biggest support in life


Any quote or saying that has a profound impact on you?

I always believe that there is no elevator for the success we need to take steps to reach to the success.


Any message for your friends and well-wishers

Never underestimate anyone’s decisions or choices because every person’s decision or choices lead them to somewhere one day.

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