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Team TNV

Name – Siddharth Wagh

Age – 21

City – Pune

Qualification – 2nd year (BBA IB)

Profession – Student



TNV: When and how did you begin modelling? Were you studying or working before then?

SW:  I started modelling 6 months back. I had applied for Mr Pune and I became the title winner. It was my first pageant and it boosted up my confidence and yes I was studying and managing both the things.


TNV: Why modelling when you could have settled in for a more stable permanent career?

SW:  To be honest I was not sure about modelling to make it as a career but after winning Mr Pune it boosted up my confidence and then I decided to make it as a career.


TNV: Tell me about your first assignment.if any how did it happen? What was the experience like?

SW:  After Mr Pune one of my friends approached me for a brand shoot. It is a clothing brand name Karnis Cotton Fabrics and I got paid for it. I got 15000 Rs for that brand shoot and my experience was really good and my parents were very proud of me.


TNV: What do you feel makes you a good model?your face? Your body? Your attitude? As opposed to others?

SW:  All the three things are important that is your face, your body, your attitude to become a good model. But Apart from this what I feel that makes me a good model not only me but every person who wants to aspire model should be polite and should give respect to everyone.


TNV: Why Rubaru Mr India when there are so many local pageants happening?

SW: Since my childhood days I always dreamed of doing something good for my country, make my country and parents feel proud of me and I think this is the right platform to fulfill your dreams and I have started working on it.


TNV: Did Mr India just happen to you along the way or were you preparing to take part in the pageant?

SW:  I wanted to apply for Mr India after Mr Pune but didn’t find any good pageants to do but one day on Instagram I got to know about Rubaru Mr India  and yes I believed that this is the right platform to make your dreams come true.


TNV: Tell us about how you train for it. What is the regimen like? what are the challenges involved?

SW:  I am in second year doing BBA IB so I need to do internship it’s a mandatory thing so in the morning I have my college after college i go for internship then after internship I go to gym so in this protocol I am managing my diet and studies in proper way as we say that ” There is no substitute for hardwork”


TNV: What makes you feel you should be the chosen one? whats different about you as a contestant?

SW:  I am pretty confident about myself that makes me feel i should be chosen. What’s different about me as a contestant is I am not competing with anyone because we all are the winners over here I am coming to make beautiful memories, learn new things from professional people and build one good Rubaru Mr India 2019 family.


TNV: How will winning the Mr India pageant will affect your life?

SW: Winning Mr India pageant will definitely affect my life. My life will change drastically from 0 to 100 and it’s my dream so I am giving my best for it.


TNV: What are your views on ‘Save Girl Child Campaign’?

SW:  Women are the most important section of the society still it has created gender inequality which is necessary to remove. To stop this, family members should participate to make save girl child campaign successful.


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  • Manas Wagh says:

    You have got some inspiring views for the society. You are a good sport. I admire your attitude for you not thinking about this as a competition. Yes it’s not always about winning or losing. The memories are far more special. You always have got my back brother. Love you. I wish you a great fortune ahead.

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