We need men to be sensitive and think beyond building the pecs: Amit Khanna


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As the countdown to India’s Best Rubaru Mr India gets underway, The Neutral View- Official Online Partner- got in touch with leading Indian Photographer Mr. Amit Khanna, The Official Photographer for the event.


In a free flowing interview Mr. Khanna shared his journey and his excitement in getting associated with oldest and biggest Male Pageant in India.


TNV: First of all, many congratulations to you for getting associated with Rubaru Mr India 2019 pageant as the event’s official photographer. How does it feel to get associated with the biggest and oldest annual male pageant in India?

AK: Thank you for the generous wishes. It feels great to be associated with the oldest annual male pageant in India, Rubaru Mr. India. It’s always wonderful to work on platforms that encourage upcoming talent, provide them with opportunities to learn, flourish and grow. Rubaru has been a catalyst in providing such talent work as well as helped them achieve their dreams, at the same time generated hope among many others. Also I am looking forward to work with Pankaj and Sandeep as they are lovely individuals who have poured their heart and soul into their pageants.

TNV: It is for the first time that you will be covering the Rubaru Mr India pageant. What are the things that you are looking forward to?

AK: I have never worked alongside 40 contestants at one time, which is a challenge of sorts to click them in various looks and provide the final images within the 4 days of the pageant. So it makes me a bit anxious. It’s going to be a fun journey as I look forward to meet a bunch of talented contestants. Also the spirit of competition and sportsmanship gives me the much needed adrenaline rush. I am also super excited about the lovely panellists Rubaru has put together I am sure the team will create magic.

TNV: From a photographer’s perspective, which task is easier, to work with an experienced model or a newbie?

AK: To be honest it’s got its pros and cons, though I would still opt for an experienced model as it definitely adds a lot more to the shoot. Working with a newbie is fun but there is a lot more patience required. My concern however are the ones in between , who are neither very experienced nor completely new. They are the ones who think they know it all and that could be rather painful.

TNV: What qualities do you believe a Mr India winner should have?

AK: A Mr. India winner needs to be humble, and sensitive. We need men to be sensitive and think beyond building the pecs. I expect him to be hard working, staying grounded and set an example for the upcoming talent by doing some really great work. Perseverance and Dedication is the key. The title must hold uttermost relevance and respect for him. I hope we find these qualities in our contestants.

TNV: Tell us a bit more about your journey from being a student of hotel management and hospitality to becoming one of the top-notch fashion photographers in India.

AK: It has been a great learning experience and I am still work in progress. I love the fact people appreciate me and they have been kind so far. I feel encouraged time and again by their compliments and love, but it’s not been an easy ride. Fashion isn’t as glamourous as it may seem. The attitude is important as the technique can be learnt. I believe in challenging myself with each shoot and I do see beauty in every person I meet. That’s what keeps me going and I hope to continue to learn and grow.

TNV: You are a director, scriptwriter, actor and photographer. How do you manage to play so many roles so perfectly?

AK: Thank you! I try to focus on any job/role I am supposed to do. We need to do it from the heart and not cheat ourselves in the process. It’s all a part of creativity and I try to approach a lot of it from my heart.

TNV: Any advice for the candidates of Rubaru Mr India 2019 pageant.

AK: Be yourself, you have your own identity which you have to unleash and reveal to the world. Work hard as this opportunity , this moment will never come again. Whether you win or lose just remember when you look back at these 4 days you shouldn’t regret a single moment. 


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