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Actress Kiran Dubey, who started her career with serials like “Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” and “Kahaani Ghar- Ghar Ki”, is now busy shooting for his forthcoming film ‘’Love Temple’’ in Goa, After completing her studies from Pune’s Fergusson College, Kiran Dubey may have joined the film industry but her love for Pune has never been done, therefore, she is always connected with Pune from her heart. Dubey helps the farmers of surrounding villages of Pune through social work and performs social work for orphans. Kiran Dubey shared a few moments related to her career and life in a special conversation with the representative of The Neutral view.


Your film Love Temple shooting is going on in Goa, tell me something about this?
Love Temple in Goa is present on Arambol Beach, this is a very beautiful place. And as the theme of our film is linked to spirituality, so we thought of shooting this movie at Love Temple located on Arambol Beach, Goa. We thought of making a movie related to spirituality. Every person is connected to the ideal in his life, whether it is linked to nature or through meditation, everybody wants to get peace through spirituality in their life and hence people from all over the world come to Meditation and peace on the Arambol beach of Goa, our film is also somewhere. Somewhere related to Spirituality.

Tell us something about the story of this movie?
The story of this movie is based on a girl, who is feud with her boyfriend and his heartbreaks, which makes her very unhappy and wants to end her life. But at such a time, she needs a support, when she comes to Goa’s Love Temple, there are many changes in her life and she learns to live a new life. The film’s story shows how we try to find happiness in others, what should we do to get real happiness? After watching this movie, the audience will learn a lot and it will be quite fun too.

The reason for signing this film was, how did the proposal for this movie come to you?
I came as a guest at the Love Temple place. Initially, I liked this place very much; there is no smoking place here, this place is quite good for vegetarian food and meditation. After a while, it occurred to me that when we can make various films just for entertainment, we can also make more films that are realistic and related to life, that such films should be made. Everyone wants love and peace in their life. Through this film, we want to show people how to maintain balance in life and inspire life itself by living it fully. That is the very reason, we decided to make short films on Love Temple and shooting our film was a very good experience in Goa.

Tell some of your experiences about Goa?
Goa is my favorite place in the entire world. In the world, I have seen many shores on the banks of the river but there is no glimpse of Goa’s Arambol beach, where people from all parts of the world come here for meditation and yoga, this place is quite creative so you will not see very thick people in this place. You may see people working here for their minds with their bodies. The body and the mind are no different from each other; they are but shadows of each other. I am coming to Goa since 2004. A different spiritual feeling is felt on the Arambol beach of Goa, I like Goa so much that I want to build my house in Goa, I like the culture of Goa quite well.

Tell us something about your Hollywood career?
I have worked in the movie “Where is She Now” in America. Which we shot in 10 countries, I was the actor and co producer of the film. I also got the Best Actor Award at the Hollywood International Film Festival in Los Angeles. I have worked in various big serials namely, “Saas Bhi kabhi Bahu Thi” and “kahani ghar ghar ki”, but I’m now getting creative satisfaction in my life. I am quite happy with my career as an actor.

Tell us something about your career fluctuations?
I have seen a lot of ups and downs in my life and career. I never wanted to be a part of the crowd but sometimes regardless of our choice, we have to work, we have to sacrifice a lot in our work and life. I have always learned from the ups and downs of my life and career to listen to my heart and I do always listen to my heart. Whenever you listen to your heart, success comes from within.

Do you miss to work in the theater?
I have worked with Alok Ulfat in Mumbai in the theater, I did not do much work in the theater, I always wanted to work in front of the camera, and so I do not miss the theater more.

Tell us something about your next project?
I’m working in a web series, whose name is “Where We Are Now”, it’s an American web series, along with that I am also working on Struggles Actor in Mumbai, many people in Mumbai worked in the film world come on in search and how to struggle.

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