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Let’s get straight into the meat potatoes of why all of us say ‘we have nothing to wear’.
In reality we are staring at a closet full of clothing, but we still say that we don’t have anything to wear, which doesn’t make sense at all.
There are certain reasons why a lot of us say these things, so I am going to walk you through some of the possibilities. You can take some of this information and incorporate it in your closet so that you are able to solve that problem.
The first thing that comes into consideration with not having anything to wear in our closet is the sizing.

Is It The Right Size?
Most of us at some point in our life have fluctuated in weight and we have purchased clothes to accommodate that, period. So, either we are still in that period of our life and don’t want to invest in new clothes but have kept old clothes just in case we might need them again.
When you do leave multiple sizes in your closet, you are going to look at racks of clothing in front of you that you can’t actually wear. This creates a part of that ‘I have nothing to wear syndrome’. Because it doesn’t either fit you well, or if you are someone that wants to hold on to things then my suggestion is to remove those pieces of clothing from your closet. Since you are not ready to purge them as of this point, just get a box and pack all of those clothes inside and store them elsewhere. You can always grab them down the road.
I don’t recommend keeping them longer than six months but this way when you have cleared your closet and you can see the clothes that you can physically wear at this moment. You will get a clear picture of what you actually have in your closet.

Look At The Things That You Love.
Women already deal with so much negative self-talk. You don’t need to keep stuff in your closet that is going to make you feel unhappy about yourself. In short, only keep things in your closet that brings you joy because those are the things you’re going to wear and make you feel good about yourself.

Closet Organization
Another huge factor in why you may not have anything to wear is because you are not able to find things in the right place. The organisation of your closet is another important factor. It may seem so simple but if you can’t find pieces, it is because you have got clutter all over the place. So, my suggestion to you is to always coordinate your closet by colour and the type of clothing.

The last puzzle to that equation is accessories. They are kind of like the icing to a cake, it just finishes an outfit. It gives it a little bit of more personality and this doesn’t mean that you have to go bold and crazy and colorful as it is not for everybody. Always go with what feels right to you.

Make A Shopping List.
We go shopping and get drawn to items that may be colorful or sparkly, and as a result we end up buying them. We don’t actually think whether it’s going to go with anything in our closet. My rule of thumb is that if you can’t think of three ways to wear an item before you buy it, you probably shouldn’t take it home. Because you will know that it doesn’t offer any versatility and is again going to add to the clutter that you are looking at in the morning, creating the ‘have nothing to wear syndrome.’


“When buying an outfit, look at the statement that separates you and which could be teamed differently with basics giving a new appeal every time you wear. Also for occasion wear, do look for outfits with cuts which you could wear from day to night by styling accessories correctly. This way the same outfit could be used for both, the day functions and could be styled differently for evening functions too.”
Nitya Bajaj
Fashion designer

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