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Team TNV

Team TNV

Rajabinda Bindra, the Miss National India 2018 will soon be representing India at the international platform. The glamorous model was also one of the crowds favorite. In a free flowing interview with team TNV she spoke about her preparations for the pageant and her plans for future.


First of all congratulations to you for receiving this prestigious title. How does it feel?

I am the winner to ‘Miss National Universe India 2018’. Participating in Rubaru Miss India Elite was itself a very big achievement for me. Being the holder of such a prestigious title brings immense joy to myheart.The moment I received the crown, I decided on embracing it with my confidence and down to earth personality. The biggest dream that I wish to fulfill with this title is to win even a bigger title for my nation and its people.


Were you expecting something like this to happen?

No, I wasn’t expecting something as breathtaking as this to happen to me.  The title came to me as a surprise because this was my very first time participating in a national level pageant and also due to my absence from my modeling career for almost a year and a half. Coming back and getting titled as ‘Miss National Universe India 2018’ has been a life changing event for me.


Rubaru group is often regarded as one of the most well established beauty pageants organizations in India. How does it feel to get associated with the organization?

As a teenager it has been my dream to be a part of the prestigious Rubaru group and now that I am, I feel very honored and grateful to get the opportunity to work with such prominent organization of India. The enthusiasm in the team makes me outshine myself and motivates me to give my best performance. I will always be obliged to cherish those days of experience gained from Rubaru.


How has your journey been so far with the Rubaru group and Rubaru Miss India Elite Organization?

My journey in Rubaru has been a once upon a lifetime experience as being a part of Rubaru has given me a great deal of knowledge and helped me in nourishing my skills. Their practice sessions and grooming sessions has been a very helpful in preparing me for my upcoming International pageant. Rubaru along with great mentors, it also gave me the opportunity to be friends with some of the very talented people.


Soon, you are going to represent India internationally. How do you feel about it?

For me, nothing can be more fulfilling then being able to represent my country on an international level. I am very fortunate to be one of the few to have this esteemed opportunity and now I believe that if I can excel in the skill I have, I can portray myself in a better way, and make my loved ones and country proud.


How are the preparations going on for the international pageant?

The preparations are going fantastic. Though I am back to my normal life but somehow I take out enough time for my self-grooming sessions. I work on my diet and body. The teachings of my mentor are always with me and they help me in my training.


Any quote or saying that has profound impact on you.

‘Live and let live’ is one quote that has the most profound impact on my life. I believe that accepting the differences of each individual can help us in our journey of life.


Your biggest support in life.

Undoubtedly, my biggest support in life is my mother. I am very fortunate to have a mother who has supported me all throughout my life and has always helped me in bringing the best within me. I idolize my mother and wish to fulfill all her dreams and desires that she has for me in her life.


Any advice for the individuals who want to enter this fascinating world of beauty pageants and modeling.

The world of beauty pageantry is truly fascinating. According to me, the best part about participating in a pageant is that you get a reflection of yourself during the performances, which ultimately leads you towards presenting your better, more groomed self. If modeling interests you then go for it, chase your dream.



Any message for your well-wishers and supporters.

Firstly, my heartiest thanks to all my well-wishers and supporters. One message that I would want to pass on is that never stop chasing your dreams. Dreams mold you and lead you to your bright future. It’s important for all to try and never give up.


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